Appreciative Parenting

Appreciative Parenting from Thomas Knestrict on Vimeo.


BCMH from Thomas Knestrict on Vimeo.

Diangelo Award and Michael Sorter Keynote

Diangelo Award and Michael Sorter Keynote from Thomas Knestrict on Vimeo.

Welcome to Holland

The movie "Welcome to Holland" is being shown as part of the symposium. Welcome to Holland's title refers to an essay by Emily Pearl Kingsley who describes what it's like to raise a child with special needs. Its title is based on the notion that expectant parents are often caught off-guard and unprepared when their baby is born with a special need, not unlike a couple planning a trip to one country, say Italy, whose plane lands in another, in this case, Holland. They prepared for the wrong situation.

The film "Welcome to Holland" was inspired by a study of the same name by Thomas Knestrict and Debora Kuchey, assistant professors and researchers in the School of Education of the College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education. The film documents the lives of three families raising children with special needs and shows the stress that parents experience in a society obsessed with the concept of "normal." The movie shows how these resilient families successfully deal with the stress and not only survive, but thrive. It is also the inspiration for this symposium.