The Pat and Dolores Diangelo Resilient Parent Award

The annual award has been named for Pat and Dolores Diangelo who were trailblazers in the world of disability rights, inclusion and resiliency. Their example of dedicated parenting, family, and resiliency should serve as a model for all families.

The award will be presented every year at the symposium to honor a set of parents who have displayed remarkable resiliency and have learned to thrive in their family life.

If you know a parent or parents you feel meet the above criteria, please submit a nomination for the 2012 Diangelo Resilient Parent Award. You may submit the nomination by emailing Dr. Thomas Knestrict at Please include "Diangelo Award Nominee" in the email subject area, and give a short, one page, description of why you believe they deserve the award. The student committee will select the winner. The 2012 award winner will be honored at the luncheon held during the symposium on March 2, 2012.