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Faculty Development Committee

Roundtable Discussion Series

During the 2002-03 academic year, academic affairs will sponsoring several informal conversations on various issues. The roundtable discussions will be held several times each semester during the commons hour on Monday afternoons from 1:30-2:45.  No roundtables have been scheduled during the fall semester. 

All Xavier faculty are invited to share their experiences and knowledge
during the roundtable sessions. Some of the topics of roundtable
discussions will follow issues raised by previous faculty development
pedagogy workshops. These dates will be useful to both faculty who
attended or did not attend the workshops.

We invite your suggestions for topics for future roundtable discussions. 
Please contact Mary Walker (ext. 4236) with your ideas. 

Spring 2002
April 29  Internal Grant Awards
Come learn more about summer fellowships, faculty development leaves, and Wheeler awards.  Members of the Faculty Development Committee will discuss guidelines and criteria for the awards.  Committee members will also share helpful hints for writing proposal and examples of successful proposals. 

Faculty Development Committee Members:
Cindy Crown, chair (psychology)
Kevin Devine (finance)
Jose Maria Mantero (modern languages)
Bernd Rossa (mathematics)
Margery Shupe (education)

Fall  2001
October 22  Academic Advising Priority Registration Roundtable

For the first time this fall, students will have the option of registering through Student Online Services (SOS) on the office of registrar's web site.  This new procedure will affect all academic advisors, both seasoned and new.  This roundtable has been scheduled to inform advisors about this new procedure and to update them on other pertinent information.  The discussion will cover these topics:  Location: CBA 2 

Web Registration Using Student Online Services (SOS) 
   Allen Cole
, University Registrar

Academic Advising in Preparation for Priority Registration
   Rev. Thomas Kennealy, associate dean of the Colleges
   of Arts and Sciences and Social Sciences 
   Doris Jackson, academic advising 
   Cindy Stockwell, director of undergraduate programs, 
   Williams College of Business

We also encourage you to attend the E/RS Mini-Course, College and University as Citizen held during the commons hour during the fall 2001 semester.

Spring 2001
February 5  Discussion on Teaching Within the Rhythms of the Semester (1995) by Donna Killian Duffy and Janet Wright Jones.
February 26 Discussion on Scholarship Assessed (1997) by Charles E. Glassik.
April 9 Discussion on Teaching Alone, Teaching Together (2000) by James L. Bess and Associates.

 Fall 2000

October 9  Teaching with Technology 
Bob Cotter, Instructional Media Services, will identify and demonstrate some of the classroom technology available at Xavier. Faculty panel members will demonstrate how they use technology in their classrooms.
Bob Cotter, Instruction Media Services, panel chair 

Panel members:    John Fairfield (history) 

                            Linda Rieg (nursing) 

                            Steve Hornik (accounting & information

October 16  Effective Academic Advising 
A roundtable discussion and information session for all
faculty members who are presently serving as academic
advisors to undergraduate students. Location: CBA 2 

Priority Registration Information: 

Rev. Thomas Kennealy, associate dean of the Colleges
of Arts and Sciences and Social Sciences 

Doris Jackson, academic advising 

Career Information: Stephanie Bates, career services center 

Faculty colloquium: 

Panel members:        Eric Anderson, academic advising
                                and communication arts 

                                Stanley Hedeen, biology 

                                Mary Lisa Vertuca, education

November 20  Getting Discussions Started
Come to an interactive session on generating discussion
in the classroom. Bring a success story and a challenge
to share in small groups. Faculty facilitators will share
ideas including some from Stephen Preskill's workshop
(March 2000) and book, Discussion as a Way of
Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic
(1999). Location: CBA 5. 

Sharon Korth, human resource development, session

Faculty Facilitators:        Brent Richardson, education 

                                     Tara Michels, communication arts 

                                     Bill Daily, communication arts 


Spring 2000
February 7 Helping Our Students to Improve Their Writing
Faculty in a range of disciplines will discuss methods
they use for designing effective writing assignments and
responses to student papers.

Alison Russell, English, panel chair

Panel members:        Tom Clark (management

                                Phyllis Laine (biology)

                                Beth Wilson (economics/human

February 14 Service Learning and Action Research
Kandi Stinson, political science/sociology, panel chair

Panel members:         Melanie Blackwell (econ./human

                                 Steve Hornik (accounting/info.

                                 Art Shriberg (management

April 17 Faculty Development Committee
Brenda Gardner (education) and Tyrone Williams
(English), committee co-chairs
                        Cindy Crown (psychology)

                        Paul Fiorelli (accounting/information

                        Bernd Rossa (mathematics/computer

Fall 1999
October 11  Teaching with Technology

Faculty will discuss their experiences using a variety of
technology in the classroom.

Mike Flick, education, panel chair.

Panel members:     Brenda Gardner, education

                             Sharon Korth, education

                             David Knutson, modern languages

                             Jamie Pawlukiewicz, finance

October 25 Off-Campus Opportunities for Faculty: Fulbrights, Fellowships, and Visiting Appointments
Faculty who have held recent Fulbright awards,
residential fellowships, or visiting appointments will
share their experiences.

Paul Fiorelli, accounting and information systems, panel

Panel members:        Nancy Bertaux, economics/human

                                Bill Madges, theology

                                Jim Snodgrass, math/computer

                                Michael Sweeney, philosophy


November 15 Classroom Assessment
  Faculty will discuss techniques they use to assess
student learning in the classroom. 
(Follow-up to workshop conducted by Tom Angelo in

Phyllis Laine and Linda Heath, biology, panel chairs.

Panel members:         Richard Bonvillain, philosophy

                                Gerald Braun, accounting and info.

                                Steve Hornik, accounting and info.

                                Linda Rieg, nursing


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