Unsure of what to study? You're not alone. Answer these harmless questions and we'll direct you to a subject you may find interesting.

Did you play in the dirt as a kid?

Did you wash up afterwards?

Was it because you knew there are 5 billion rhizobacteria in a teaspoon of soil?

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Here's a pop quiz: Is the element vanadium a metal or a gas?


Was Salvador Dali a Lucha Libre Fighter or a Spanish Surrealist?

Because Genghis Khan didn't and he conquered half the known world while riding on a horse. Learn who else chose world domination over personal hygiene by studying...


Rock on!

Are you afraid of needles?

Hmmm. Not so hot on your chemistry. But did you know vanadium was named for the Scandinavian goddess of beauty? Study foreign languages, your native tongue and other forms of expression with...


Nope! You may not be an artist, but you can always be a patron of the arts. For that, you'll need money! Try these majors...


Good point! Explore similar complexities of the human experience with one of these illustrious majors...


You must have had something else on your mind.

Was it network infrastructure and programming?

Did you enjoy telling people this fact?

You're what makes the world go round. Or at least that swirling beach ball of death when a computer is crashing. Save us from ourselves by studying...


Millions of kids are playing in the dirt right now! Lead them out of ignorance by becoming a teacher...


You knew better than to expose your nerdiness. Surround yourself with likeminded brainiacs in the fabulous field of...