One size of city might not fit all- but Cincinnati comes pretty darn close. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Take a look at the following list of adjectives. Click on those that describe you, and we'll direct you to something in the Queen City that we think you might enjoy. Buckle up. This could get a little crazy.

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Get out and play! Run the Flying Pig Marathon. Not up to a full 26.2 miles? (It did kill the first person to ever run one, in ancient Greece.) Never fear. There is also a half marathon, a 10K, a 5K and a one-mile fun run. Or toss an ace at our nationally recognized disc-golf course in Mount Airy. And when the temperature dips, take a spin around the ice rink on Fountain Square.

Loveland Bike Trail | Flying Pig Marathon | Sunlite Pool | Perfect North Slopes | Canoeing down the Little Miami River | Ice Skate on Fountain Square | Eden Park | Karaoke and Turbo the Mechanical Bull at Bobby Mackey's | Little Miami Triathlon


If you're professionally minded, you've come to the right place. Cincinnati is home to 14 Fortune 1,000 companies and more than 360 of the Fortune 500 maintain operations in town. Plus almost all of which have employed Xavier graduates in the past. Your status as a Musketeer gives you an instant network to the movers and shakers, right here in the city, across the country or even overseas.

Gravy-Cheese Fries at PRC | 15 Fortune 1,000 Companies | Flying Pig Marathon | Canoeing down the Little Miami River


Take a look at the past, present and future of art at the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Taft Museum of Art and the Contemporary Arts Center. A few general rules to follow when walking through an art museum:

  • Avoid direct eye contact with portraits. They can have an unsettling intensity when they stare back at you.
  • When you're walking through the abstract section, try not to say, "I could do that." You probably could, but just stand there for a moment, then say, "it speaks to me." If someone ask you what the painting is saying, just answer "it says, 'Don't touch.'" Then walk away as surrealistically as possible.
  • If you develop an allergy to abstract expressionism, avoid sneezing directly on a Jackson Pollock. They have a delicate immune system.

Northside Parade | Cincinnati Art Museum | Midpoint Music Festival | Riverbend Music Center | Cincinnati Ballet | Batsakes Hat Shop | Taft Museum of Art | Contemporary Art Center


Sing karaoke and ride Turbo, the mechanical bull at Bobby Mackey's in Wilder, Ky. Careful with the high notes on the mic, and mind your extremities on Turbo.

King's Island | Gravy-Cheese Fries at PRC | Karaoke and Turbo the Mechanical Bull at Bobby Mackey's | Little Miami Triathlon | Perfect North Slopes


Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! It's North America's largest Oktoberfest with more than 500,000 people packing away 64,000 sauerkraut balls, 87,542 mets and 400 pickled pigs' feet. Then you burn it all off joining into the world's largest chicken dance. It's a fowl tradition that's led by contemporary culture icons as Weird Al Yankovic, Vince Neil and Homer Simpson. And if you're not into lederhosen, Cincinnatian's are a very festive people, so from the tall stacks of the riverboats, to a rubber duck regatta, you're sure to find a perfect fete.

Montgomery Inn | Newport on the Levee | Oktoberfest | Panegyri Greek Festival | Graeter's Ice Cream | Karaoke and Turbo the Mechanical Bull at Bobby Mackey's | Taste of Cincinnati


Experience the Cincinnati Ballet performing The Nutcracker at the acoustically and visually perfect Aronoff Center for the Arts. Or get your Mahler on, courtesy of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra performing at historic Music Hall. And if the play's the thing, the award-winning Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has been staging professional theatre for more than 50 years.

Taft Museum of Art | Cincinnati Ballet | Cincinnati Art Museum | Contemporary Art Center | Jungle Jim's


Fancy a spot of millinery? You're in luck. Batsakes has been making hats for more than 100 years, keeping heads dry and bald spots covered for U.S. presidents, celebrities and the general public.

Rookwood Commons | Newport on the Levee | Gap Outlet | Batsakes Hat Shop | Kenwood Towne Center


photo: © 2008 elycefeliz

Try goetta, the caviar of Cincinnati. They say this sausage mixed with steel-cut oats is a German tradition, but some suspect it was invented by a mad butcher in Newport, Ky. Whatever the case, Cincinnati loves the stuff, and you can eat it any way you want to, for every meal of the day. (Although your cholesterol level may ask you not to.) Try it fried with eggs for breakfast, slipped in a GLT (goetta, lettuce, tomato) sandwich for lunch or grilled as a burger for dinner. There's even a festival that celebrates the stuff every fall in Newport.

Graeter's Ice Cream | Gravy-Cheese Fries at PRC | Montgomery Inn | Zip's | Skyline Chili | Jungle Jim's | Goetta


See great live shows in intimate venues at the Southgate House, just across the river in Newport, Ky. On most weekends, several bands are playing in different rooms of the sprawling house. The Southgate House is 200 years old, once hosted the likes of Abraham Lincoln and was the birthplace of the inventor of the Tommy gun. Who knows what historians will say about this place after you get here.

Riverbend Music Center | Taste of Cincinnati | Contemporary Art Center | Cincinnati Ballet | Midpoint Music Festival | Bogart's


Every spring, Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park hosts an annual butterfly exhibit in their expansive tropical greenhouse. It's transcendental. There's also a local tradition that involves kissing someone behind a waterfall, so bring someone you like.

Ice Skate on Fountain Square | Eden Park | Cincinnati Observatory | The Butterfly show at Krohn Conservatory | The view from Devou Park | Canoeing down the Little Miami River


There's seldom an unathletic moment in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Reds, the country's oldest professional baseball team, boasts a rich history, a devoted fan base and some pretty good teams the last few seasons. The Bengals may not be hauling in the Lombardi Trophies, but these cats have also been on the rise lately. The cross-town classic between Xavier and the University of Cincinnati showcases one of the country's most passionate basketball rivalries. And, of course, who wouldn’t get a shiver up their spine contemplating the thrills and spills of the annual Cincinnati Cornhole Tournament?

Cincinnati Reds | Cincinnati Rollergirls | Cincinnati Bengals | Crosstown Shootout | Flying Pig Marathon


Befriend a farmer at Findlay Market. Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday during growing season, this is the place to be to get the best of the Ohio Valley's local produce. Throughout the year the shops at the market offer specialty foods, including the most delicious Belgian waffles you will have ever tasted, made by a real Belgian with imported Belgian sugar. (It makes a difference.) Grab a cup of coffee and a bunch of carrots, and find a place to sit back and people watch.

Park & Vine | Imago Earth Center | Findlay Market | Eden Park | Northside Parade