Questions about Housing

Q. What does it cost to live in a residence hall on campus?

A. Please note that housing on campus is limited, and cannot be guaranteed. Students should apply early. If students do obtain space in the residence halls or apartments, the cost depends on which rooms are available. Please note that students who live in the residence halls (but not university apartments) are also required to buy meal plans. Housing fees in the summer are usually charged on a weekly basis. Follow this link to a list of fees for residence halls.

Q. Where can I find out about campus housing at Xavier?

A. Link to the Residence Life page for more information.

Q. What does it cost to live off campus?

A. The cost of living off campus varies, depending on whether you have a room mate or live by yourself, the type of apartment, etc. Utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) may or may not be included. Students can obtain suggestions and assistance in locating off-campus housing from the Office of International Student Services or from Commuter Services.