Fall 2016 - Imagining the Good: Community, Equality, Environment


September 13 - E/RS Interviews: Why Thought Matters: Community Equality, Environment

In the 3rd of 6 E/RS interviews, John Fairfield (History) and Tyrone Williams (English) will discuss why thinking matters in our time. The E/RS interviews provide an opportunity for us to get to know in a more informal way members of the Xavier community. 

Kennedy Auditorium (Conaton Learning Commons), 7 p.m.



October 11 - Immigration and the Elections

In this year's election cycle, it is hard to miss the significant attention the topic of immigration has received by presidential nominees and in the media. E/RS will devote a panel featuring Xavier faculty on the immigration and the elections, with a focus on immigration policy and the presidential elections. The faculty panel includes Mack Mariani, Julie O'Hara, Anas Malik, and Paul O'Hara.

Conaton Board Room (Schmidt Hall), 7 p.m.


October 20 - Elizabeth Anderson on Racial Justice and Mass Incarceration

Elizabeth Anderson is Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies at the University of Michigan and an award-winning author of the book The Imperative of Integration. Much of her work engages the issues of equality, feminism, and pragmatism. Her talk is titled "Outlaws" and it will address the penal philosophy of mass incarceration, how mass incarceration connects to racism in the US, and how it undermines democracy. She will also consider alternative ways of thinking about crime and punishment that are consistent with treating blacks and other systematically disadvantaged groups as equal citizens.

Kennedy Auditorium (Conaton Learning Commons), 7 p.m.


November 10 - Samuel Moyn on Human Rights and History

Samuel Moyn is Professor of Law and History at Harvard University and has written numerous works on the history of human rights. His pioneering work The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History argues that the concept of human rights as we know it emerged in the 1970s. His most recent book is titled Christian Human Rights.

Kennedy Auditorium (Conaton Learning Commons), 7 p.m.


November 20 - Ta-Nehisi Coates on Race in America

Rescheduled: Ta-Nehisi Coates is an award-winning author and a national correspondent for The Atlantic. He is well-known for his writing on cultural issues and race relations in the United States. His book Between the World and Me is a New York Times Bestseller and his essay "The Case for Reparations" is widely acclaimed. Ta-Nehisi Coates will visit Xavier University on November 20 to give a talk on “On Race in America”.    

September tickets are valid for the November date.

Location: Cintas Center Arena, 7pm