E/RS Committee

The E/RS Committee is composed of nine faculty members: one each from the departments of philosophy, theology, and English, two each from the College of Professional Sciences and Williams College of Business, and two chosen at large. Members of the committee are elected by the faculty. Terms of office are three years.

Current committee membership:

Dr. Gabe Gottlieb, Director of E/RS, Chair

Dr. Bob Ahuja (WCB) (f-e-13,3) 

Dr. Adam Clark (Theology) (f-e-15,3) 

Dr. Hema Krishnan (WCB) (f-e-15,3) 

Dr. Paul O’Hara, (CAS), at-large (f-e-14,3) 

Dr. Linda Schoenstedt (CSSHE) (f-e-13,3) 

Dr. Thomas Strunk (CAS), at-large (f-e-15,3) 

Dr. Aaron Szymkowiak, Philosophy (f-e-14,3) 

Dr. Trudelle Thomas, English (f-e-13,3) 

Dr. Renee' Zucchero – (CSSHE) (f-e-14,3) 

Dr. Paul Fiorelli, Dir. of The Cintas Institute for Business Ethics