Following are suggested guide lines. Please adjust as needed.

Hello. My name is (your name). I am a graduate of Xavier University or I am a parent of a current Xavier student or current Xavier faculty member, and would like to speak with (name of student).

When a student or parent answers the phone

Hi (student's name). My name is (your name). I am a graduate of Xavier University or I am a parent of a current Xavier student or I am a current Xavier faculty member. Thank you for your interest in Xavier. I know you have received a lot of information from Xavier and probably have talked to an admission counselor. But you may not have had a chance to speak with a graduate or someone whose student currently attends Xavier. I would like to tell you more about Xavier from my perspective.

I see that you are interested in majoring in (student's intended major). How did you become interested in that?

If student is undecided or has multiple interests, ask them what types of interest they have, or reassure them that it is OK not to have decided on a major, and they will be able to explore many different areas at Xavier.

Additional Topics To Generate Further Questions Or Discussion:

  • What activities have you been involved in (school or community)?
  • Encourage them to visit or ask them if they enjoyed their visit.
  • What classes are you taking this year in high school? Talk about Xavier faculty, small student-to-teacher ratio, class size.
  • Where is Xavier on your list? Your top choice? Top three? Top five? What other schools are you considering?
  • How did you hear about Xavier?

When Student Or Parent Has No More Questions

(Student's name), I am glad we had this chance to talk. If you think of any other questions, please call the admission office at 513-745-3301. Also offer to call the student and/or parents back in a few weeks to offer more help or information.

Script When Someone Other Than Prospect Answers

Hello. My name is (your name). I am a graduate of Xavier University or the parents of a current Xavier student or current Xavier faculty member. The Office of Admission informed me that (student name) has been accepted, and I would like to speak with (student name).

If a parent answers, offer to answer basic questions or talk to them about your experiences associated with Xavier and what you are doing now. If applicable to your background, it can be helpful for parents to hear about how your Xavier experience helped you gain admission to graduate/professional school and/or how Xavier prepared you for your career.

Find out if the student will be in later that evening and if so, when you may call them back.

If the student will not be home that evening, leave a message or arrange to call back at a later date.

For Leaving A Voicemail Message

Hello. My name is (your name). I am a graduate of Xavier University, the parent of a current Xavier student or a current Xavier faculty member. I am calling for (student's name). Congratulations on your admission to Xavier. I am calling to talk to you about your interest in Xavier and how Xavier prepared me for life after college or is helping my son or daughter who is currently a student at Xavier. Please feel free to call me back at (your preferred number and the time you prefer).

Script For Students No Longer Interested In Xavier

If at any time, the student says she/he is no longer interested in Xavier, wish the student well at their chosen institution. Ask which school they have chosen or those they are still considering. Also ask why they are not choosing Xavier.

Reporting Your Contacts

Please take detailed notes of your conversation. You can print out the "Contact Reference Notes" page included here for your convenience, but we ask that you file an electronic report at

If there are any questions you do not feel comfortable answering, feel free to offer a "call back" from the admission staff at Xavier. Please make a note of the student or parent question.

If you have attempted to reach a student three times and either left a message or no one has answered, you do not need to attempt the call again. Please file a report after each attempted call, even if you don't speak with the prospective student or their parents. File contact reports only after all attempted calls have been made. Complete only one contact report per student.

Thank You