Frequently Asked Questions

Why Xavier?

What makes Xavier a good choice for me?

Our moderate size, location in Cincinnati, focus on undergraduate students, academic excellence in and out of the classroom, and dedication to the ideals of a Jesuit education make us different from other institutions you may be considering. Our core curriculum allows students to sample classes in a number of disciplines and at the same time discover a way to integrate them into their major course of study. It also allows for internship and study-abroad experiences.

Academic Reputation

Like each of the nation's 28 Jesuit schools, Xavier provides a tremendous learning environment that both challenges and inspires students in and out of the classroom. The core curriculum offers a rich variety of foundational courses that prepare graduates for lifelong success in any field.

Graduate Success

Xavier has some of the nation's best placement rates for employment and graduate schools, and 70 percent of our students graduate in four years.

Ideal Size

Xavier is small enough to make classes engaging, guarantee great access to faculty and offer many opportunities to get involved, but it's also large enough to provide a wide range of people and perspectives.

Personal Attention

Your professors and advisors will know you by name, help make sure you graduate in four years, and help you find the internship you want and the career path you seek.

Location in Cincinnati

As home to 2 million people, 13 Fortune 1000 companies and two major league sports teams, Cincinnati offers all the social attractions of a large city. In addition, Xavier's connections throughout the community offer great opportunities for internships, mentorships and jobs for almost any career path.

Jesuit, Catholic Mission

Most students take advantage of the community service and volunteering opportunities, and the core curriculum offers a deeper context for students to understand and apply the impact of their academic discipline of choice.


Xavier mixes the excitement of big-time athletics with the access and charm of a smaller school.

Academic Programs

What are the top programs?

  • Business: The business school is ranked 83 in the nation by Business Week and 20 in the Midwest. The program offers students the opportunity to work with an executive mentor. The new, state-of-the-art Williams College of Business opened in August, 2010.
  • Psychology: The department includes a bachelor's, master's and and doctoral program. Many faculty practice professionally as well as teach.
  • Education: Students can be certified in early, middle, secondary and special education. Xavier, a pioneer in Montessori teacher education, is one of the few schools nationwide that offers Montessori certification at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Pre-med and natural sciences: A strong pre-med curriculum and excellent advising for students add up to one of the best medical school placement rates in the country. Xavier's 81-percent placement rate far exceeds the national average of 45 percent.
  • Nursing: Students receive a lot of hands-on experience in the on-campus lab and in the field, and are given access to a vast network of nursing graduates. One of 16 holistic nursing programs and Hispanic focus.
  • Honors: Philosophy, politics and the public, one of three honors-level programs at Xavier, has become one of the most popular and sought-after programs on campus.

Do you have engineering?

Xavier offers a program in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati. Students major in either applied chemistry or applied physics and after three years transfer to UC to complete the engineering portion of their studies, some at the master's level. Students interested in engineering can also graduate from Xavier and attend graduate schools of engineering.

Do you have physical therapy?

We offer a minor in pre-physical therapy, which prepares students for graduate study in physical therapy. We also offer a program in occupational therapy that awards a bachelor's and master's degree in five and a half years.

Does Xavier offer study-abroad programs?

Xavier offers an increasing range of opportunities for students to study abroad. Students may choose to study abroad for a summer, semester or year in countries such as Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua and Spain.

What about performing arts?

Students have an opportunity to be involved in a number of performing arts ensembles, including the Xavier Players theater program. Music majors as well as non-majors are encouraged to be involved.
On-campus performances as well as tours around the country are offered each year.

Financial Information

How much does it cost to attend Xavier?

Tuition for the 2013-2014 school year is $32,070. For declared business majors, tuition is $33,070. Room and board is $10,520, which includes 14 meals per week. Since Xavier is a private school, the cost is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

How do student apply for financial aid?

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for financial aid.

How affordable is Xavier?

Xavier attempts to provide an affordable education for all students. It is necessary to complete the FAFSA to determine a student's ability to pay, meet all deadlines for scholarships and be open to various payment options. 100 percent of our incoming students receive financial assistance each year through grants, loans, work study opportunities and scholarships or a combination of these.

Students have been awarded approximately $39 million in financial aid for the 2011-2012 academic year. Our scholarships range from $9,000 per year to full-tuition, and we offer scholarships for art, music, business, chemistry, history, legacies, mathematics, modern languages, physics, service and diversity. Families are encouraged to look at various options and seek advice from the financial aid office. Be sure to look at the many advantages of a Xavier education when evaluating the cost.

Does Xavier have work-study?

Federal work-study jobs are awarded to students during the financial aid process. Once students are awarded work-study, they participate in an on-campus job fair to find placement. There are also non-work-study jobs available on campus.

Campus Life

Are students required to live on campus?

Freshmen and sophomores who live outside a 35-mile radius of campus are required to live on campus. Special requests should be referred to the Office of Residence Life.

Is housing guaranteed all four years?

No. Freshmen and sophomore students are guaranteed housing in one of our residence halls. We allow juniors and seniors to move off campus and assist them with this process. Provided a student completes a request to live on campus in a timely manner, we can typically accommodate all who want to live on campus. Sometimes we are not able to accommodate the exact location and roommate preference. There is a lottery system that juniors and seniors enter to secure on-campus housing.

Can freshmen have cars?

Yes, freshmen are allowed to have cars. There is an annual parking fee.

What is the social life like at Xavier?

Xavier offers more than 145 academic clubs, social organizations and recreational sports. The Student Activities Council organizes many on-campus events, including dances, comedians, movies, speakers and much more. Cincinnati is also accessible to students, who may take advantage of cultural events, professional sports, concerts and parks in the city.

What happens on weekends?

There are many opportunities for on- and off-campus activities. Xavier is not a suitcase college; there is a vibrant student life on campus. Approximately 90 percent of undergraduates live on or within a few blocks of campus, guaranteeing a traditional, residential four-year college experience.

Is campus safe? What is the neighborhood like?

Xavier is an urban school that stresses safety to all students. The Office of Campus Police has 25 fully trained officers patrolling campus 24 hours a day by foot, auto and bicycle. The University offers a free shuttle service to students to and from campus within a six-block radius each evening. The University also has emergency phones on campus so that students have immediate contact with security.

Xavier is located in the city of Cincinnati and is surrounded by three very different neighborhoods. Our neighbors in Norwood welcome many of our students in off-campus housing and retail stores and venues. Evanston is one of several transitional neighborhoods in the area, and many of our students volunteer in the recreation center after school hours working with the neighborhood children. North Avondale is one of the oldest, grandest neighborhoods in Cincinnati and is where several faculty members own homes and many students rent, taking advantage of its close proximity to campus.


What if I am not Catholic?

Xavier is a Jesuit Catholic university; however we embrace students of all faiths. The Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice has an interfaith place of worship on campus and can refer you to options off campus.

  • Percent of Catholic students among undergraduates: 60 percent
  • Number of religions represented in student body: Over 15 religions represented

Additional Questions

Will I graduate in four years?

Approximately 70 percent of students graduate in four years. All of Xavier's bachelor degree programs are four-year programs.

Does Xavier offer athletic scholarships?

Yes. Xavier is an NCAA Division I school in the Atlantic 10 conference. Scholarships are available in all sports. Students are encouraged to contact the coach or visit for additional information.

Does Xavier offer internships?

Yes. Xavier's proximity to the city of Cincinnati provides students from all major areas of study with internship opportunities.

What is the racial diversity like at Xavier?

Students of color make up 23 percent of the current freshman class. Xavier also enrolls students from more than 40 countries.