Common Assignment for English 101

English 101 is assessed through a Common Assignment. The topic and readings for the Common Assignment will be announced each spring in preparation for the next academic year, and all materials will be available to instructors electronically. All Writing Program instructors are responsible for delivering Common Assignments (via email or other electronic means) to the Writing Program Director at the conclusion of each term.

To ensure consistency across the program, instructors must teach the Common Assignment during the last three weeks of the term, and they must use the same three class activities to teach the assignment (supplemented with any other activities): structured class discussion of the common readings; a research activity to locate sources for the essay; and peer review of an early draft.

Fall 2012-Fall 2013 Common Assignment

Johnson Reading

Carr Reading


Fall 2013-Fall 2014 Common Assignment

Arum and Roksa Reading

Bok Reading

Brooks Reading