100s Essay Contest

About the Contest

Each year, the Xavier Writing Program and Writing Center sponsor the 100s Essay Contest, which selects the best papers written in 100-level English, History, Philosophy, and Theology courses. Submissions for the 2015 Contest will be accepted from November 24th, 2014 until March 23, 2015.

Students: Enter your best work from 100-level English, History, Philosophy, or Theology Courses to win $25 or $50 for each winning entry!

Submitting is easy--and winning a 100s prize is an impressive resume item!

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ENGLISH Submission Form (including English Argument; Analysis; Research; & Open)
HISTORY Submission Form (including Historical Synthesis; Primary Source Analysis; & Secondary Source Analysis)
PHILOSOPHY Submission Form
THEOLOGY Submission Form (including Exegesis; & Reflection)

2014 Contest Winners

English Analysis
1st Place: Emily Hogya, “Romance: An Exploration of the Identity of the Modern-Day Love Story”
2nd Place: Shannon Price: “An Anti-intervention Investigation”
Honorable Mention: Clare Dunn, “Hole-y Savings, Batman!”
Honorable Mention: Allison Miller, “Wheeling to Independence”

English Argument
1st Place: Gabrielle Ragusa, “The Head and the Heart”       

English Open
1st Place: Shannon Price, “Five Paragraph Frustrations”
2nd Place (tie): Tori Link, “The Letter”
2nd Place: (tie) Jillian Skonieczka, “Just a Bug on a Ledge”

English Research
1st Place:  Shannon Price, “In Favor of Religious Pluralism”
Honorable Mention:  Allie Lawrence, “‘That’s What I’m Here For’”
Honorable Mention: Madison Reed, “They Have a Reason”                

History Primary Source Analysis
(No award)

History Secondary Source Analysis
1st Place: Connor Lang, “Review of ‘What Became of God the Mother?: Conflicting Images of God in Early Christianity’ 2nd Place: Shannon Price, “‘What Became of God the Mother?: Conflicting Images of God in Early Christianity’: A Review”

Historical Synthesis
1st Place: Shannon Price, “The Fall of Rome”
2nd Place: Connor Lang, “Europe Reborn”        

1st Place:  Drew Philip: “Regarding Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
2nd Place: Marisa Pike: “An Analysis of an Objection to Utilitarianism”

Theology Open
Honorable Mention: Erin Lattimer, “The Kingdom of God Within Our Midst”
Honorable Mention: Muyiwa Oyatogun: “To Give Oneself or Not?”     

2013 Contest Winners

English Analysis
1st Place (tie): Matt Ahlgren, "Christianity, Conscience and the Vietnam War"
1st Place (tie): Victoria Mairal-Cruz, "Christie's Call"
Honorable Mention: Mark Anliker, "The Iranian President"

English Argument
1st Place: Tatum Hunter, "Religious Illiteracy: A Silent Ignorance and a Possible Cure"
2nd Place: Colleen Chambers, "Giving Up the Bottle"
Honorable Mention: Audrey Butler, "So What Do You Think? Berger's Emphasis on Individuality"

English Open Category
1st Place: Tatum Hunter, "A Quick and Easy Tart"
2nd Place: Matt Ahlgren, "Learning Latin, Learning Life"
Honorable Mention: Mark Anliker, "Another Kind of Brother"
Honorable Mention: Nick Cotter, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Book"

English Research
1st Place: Victoria Mairal-Cruz, "A Nationwide Issue: Insuring the Forgotten Part-Time Worker"
2nd Place (tie): Matt Ahlgren, "Textbooks and the Transmission of Racial Bias"
2nd Place (tie): Rachael Pappa, "Listen to Your Elders"

History Primary Source Analysis
1st Place: Julia Peterman, "Fielding's Political Supplement to McKay Chapter 19"
2nd Place: Alexzandra Rudinoff, "The Mid-1700s' Consumer Revolution"

History Secondary Source Analysis
1st Place: Elizabeth Matthews, "Review of 'What Became of God the Mother?: Conflicting Images of God in Early Christianity'"
2nd Place: Mark Anliker, "What Became of God the Mother: An Emerging Question"
Honorable Mention: Taylor Snelling, "A Preferred Perspective"

Historical Synthesis
1st Place (tie): Mary Carole Scannell, "When's Mary Getting Married?"
1st Place (tie): Mary Brumleve, "Power Differences Between Europe and Other Countries"
2nd Place: Shannon Johnston, "European Wars"
Honorable Mention: Mark Anliker, "Humanism: The Great Catalyst"
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Cheung, "Marriage"

1st Place: Tatum Hunter, "Feminism in Kallipolis" and "Justice and Self-Interest"
2nd Place: Rahn Simon, "The Amoralist Thrasymachus"
Honorable Mention: Emily Kerr, "Laws and Dialogues in the Bible and The Republic"


2012 Contest Winners

English Analysis
1st Place: Kayla Smith, "Rape: Mini-Skirts to Blame"
2nd Place: Kristin Walden, "From Carter to Obama: How History May Repeat Itself"
Honorable Mention: Lindsay Richard, "The Coffee Shop Problem"

English Narrative
1st Place: Kyle Ferchen, "More Than Prescription Strength"
2nd Place: Zachary Zvosecz, "Wigwam's Embrace"
Honorable Mention: Zach Hall, "I Get It Now"

English Open
1st Place: Kristin Walden, "Beyond the Forty-Hour Week"
Honorable Mention: Zachary Zvosecz, "Looking At, Through, and Beyond the Fog"
Honorable Mention: Wambui Migwe, "International Coffee Hour: A Taste of Home"

English Argument
1st Place: Meredith Francis, "This Just In: Facts Are Out"
2nd Place: Zachary Zvosecz, "Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizadry? Or Debauchery and Devilry?"
Honorable Mention: Tess Petrozzi, "America's Food Industry: Can Great-Grandma Lead Today's Consumers?"
Honorable Mention: Julie Dydo, "You Went with a Random? Why?"

English Research
1st Place: Grant Kippenbrock, "Waste, Water, and a Way"
2nd Place: Forest Hempen, "The Doodle Bug"
Honorable Mention: Matt Keefer, "The Role of Liberal Arts in Today's Society"
Honorable Mention: Zachary Zvosecz, "Pro-Gun or No-Gun?"

History Primary Source Analysis
No Award in 2012

History Secondary Source Analysis
1st Place: Sarah Nimmo, "Review of 'What Became of God the Mother?': Conflicting Images of God in Early Christianity"

History Synthesis
1st Place: Chris Zust, "Blood and Salt: Ingredients of Tribal Politics"

1st Place: Taylor Fulkerson, "A Truer Account of Justice: Socrates and Mill"
2nd Place: Casey Niehaus, "Amoralist Essay"