You may earn the M.A. in English by completing 30 semester hours of course work, or you may choose (with the approval of your advisor) to earn the degree by earning 24 semester hours of course work and completing a written thesis which earns 6 hours of credit. The following courses are required of all students:

  • ENGL 512 Literary Theory
    ENGL 525 Shakespeare
    One 500-level course on linguistics or language
    One 500 or 600 level course on women or minority authors
    Language Requirement

The remaining courses are English electives and must be approved by the program director. Courses may be taken at the 300 or 400 level for graduate credit, with approval of the program director.

For further information about the M.A. in English, including an application, please complete the web inquiry form. Questions regarding the application process may be e-mailed directly to the office of graduate services at











To contact the director of the M.A. in English, Dr. Tyrone Williams, call 513-745-2014 or 800-344-4698, or e-mail at

* Language Requirement: Students must demonstrate reading knowledge of a foreign language by attaining at least a B in an intermediate-level foreign language course (e.g., 200-level) while taken as an M.A. student.  Alternately, students may pass a translation examination administered by the appropriate language department at Xavier.  In addition to modern languages, ASL, Old English, Latin, and Greek will be accepted in fulfillment of the requirement.  Middle English will not be accepted.  Exemptions and special circumstances (e.g., the desire to take the exam in a language not offered by Xavier University, or requests to use recent undergraduate foreign language courses to fulfill the requirement) will be considered by the Director on a case-by-case basis.