Current Fellows




Morgan Alexander 

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Natural Sciences
  • Hometown:  Georgetown, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Pregnancy Center East, Drop Inn Center

"I believe that there is no greater personal responsibility than to serve others with an open heart and open arms.  Service is the gateway to individual success and happiness, but more importantly, it is the key to world wide growth and concord.  Community engagement should be passionate, exciting, enjoyable, and unifying; once you get started you should not be able to stop."

Emma Allen

  • Year: Junior
  • Major:  Montessori Education 
  • Hometown:  Chesterfield, Missouri
  • Service Sites:  Girls on the Run, Boys & Girls Club, Homework Club

"Community service is not only an opportunity to help the area around me, but it is a chance for me to grow as a person. My favorite saying is, 'Be who you are and be that well' by St. Francis de Sales. I believe that we cannot find our true selves without help and inspiration from others. Going into the community and being involved can lead us to find what we are passionate about and make a difference in someone's life at the same time."

Ashleigh Baker 

  • Year: Senior
  • Major:  Nursing
  • Hometown:  Milford, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Boys and Girls Club, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

"Service is a means to give back to a community by engaging with those who you would otherwise never have met.  It is a chance to grow and learn as a person physically, mentally, and spiritually."

Ana Calvopina

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Biology
  • Hometown:  Florence, Kentucky

"Service to me is a pure act of kindness. It challenges me to humbly see through someone       else  eyes, to mature, and do away with fear of taking initiative to help others. The most special thing about service is that it has taught me to appreciate different ways of lives, and especially the people who live them. With a loving and selfless heart, service realizes an idea or desire to help others and magnifies the moments into unforgettable experiences that only perpetuate the initial desire to do good, and make a difference in the life of another and a community at large."

Ann Marie Diener 

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Psychology
  • Hometown:  Golden, Colorado
  • Service Sites:  Boyz II Men, Crossroads Church, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

"I am very involved in community service of all kinds.  I love working with children, serving the homeless, and volunteering in my church!  Volunteering has always been a passion of mine and it's helped me to discover a lot about myself and other people."

Terrence Ferguson

  • Year:  Junior
  • Major:  Business
  • Hometown:  Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Service Sites:  Boyz II Men, Wordplay

"'The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons.' - Aristotle. Serving those in need is more than just appeasing their needs, it is learning about the world around you and using those factors to shape and change your life. The fact that I am learning so much about the society in which I live makes volunteering such a mutual value to both me and to those whom I serve. It is up to our generation to be the change we wish to see in the world."

Mirka Gallo

  • Year:  Junior
  • Major:  Pre-Med Undecided
  • Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois
  • Service Sites:  Project Connect, Su Casa

"When you look up the meaning of community in the dictionary it says 'a unified body of individuals.' You are one big family no matter where you live because we are unified; and when one member of the community is in need or some aspects of the community can be improved with your individual thoughts or gifts then it is your responsibility to help the family. This is what service means to me, being completely immersed in your community by sharing your thoughts and talents in order to make an impact on people, yourself, and the community as a whole."

Courtney Garside

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Honors Bachelor of Arts
  • Hometown:  Boston, Massachusetts

"The impact of service on my life is exponential. I was part of the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester when I was a kid, and the personal development that came about as a result of others giving themselves up in service to me has never left me. I want other kids in need to know that there are people out there in the world, genuine people with some perspective and empathy towards their situation, who will give themselves up for them. People who want those kids to grow in a loving and hopeful environment. That is why I choose to serve, because I believe that kids who are growing up like I did have just as much a chance to succeed as I."

Jake Haigis

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Biology
  • Hometown:  Loveland, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Unified for UNIFAT, Relay for Life, Community Action Day

"Community Service is more than just helping people in need.  To me community service is having the chance to learn about the local or even global community around us.  Doing community service, mission trips, and fundraisers for non-profits not just impacts the people I am helping, but they are also impacting me.  The people I have worked with over the years have allowed me to see a whole new side of life and I hope to continue growing these new outlooks for years to come." 

Andrew Hermann

  • Year:  Junior
  • Major:  Philosophy, Politics, and the Public Honors Program, Natural Sciences
  • Hometown:  Seattle, Washington
  • Service Sites:  Education Across Borders, Little Sisters of the Poor

"Service isn’t just something on a check list to do once a month, it is a lifestyle. As the Jesuits teach, we are men and women for and with others, and through a Xavier education and participation in the Community-Engaged Fellowship I am learning to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Service allows me to learn about myself, learn about others, and together that can make a difference in the world." 

Rebecca Hollis

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Philosophy, Politics, and the Public Honors Program
  • Hometown:  Eads, Tennessee
  • Service Sites:  Evanston Academy, Boyz II Men, Alliance for Immigrant Women

"Engaging in your community is more than hours or numbers, but instead about getting yourself and others connected within your community.  My goal is to be a leader, not only through action but through support and encouragement of others.  Engaging in your community is vital to continue ameliorating our current problems, and part of engaging is simply using your voice to speak up when something needs changing!"

Marshall Marks

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Undecided
  • Hometown:  Silver Spring, Maryland

"Gandhi said, 'Be the change you want to see be in the world.' I think there is no other phrase that can describe my view of service and the fellowship better. Service truly gives you the opportunity to change people's life and make the world a better place. No matter how small or how big the deed. Sometimes the smallest deeds have the greatest impact. There is nothing I would rather do."

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Ryan Murphy 

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Business
  • Hometown:  Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Service Sites:  Evanston Academy, Boyz II Men

"I believe that it is my responsibility to share my thoughts, talents, and skills with the global community in a meaningful way.  Not only am I committed to staying involved, but it is my goal to involve many of peers in my service.  While I believe that service is meaningful, I also believe it should be fun!"

Oise Omoijuanfo

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Honors Bachelors of Arts
  • Hometown:  Shaker Heights, Ohio




Ellie Parker

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Nursing
  • Hometown:  Mason, Ohio

"Gandhi said, 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.' Those words have become real to me. Service is an act of love and compassion towards others in their time of need. Service has allowed the opportunity for me to become a part of my community and learn more about the people within. I hope to become a nurse where I can continue to use my passion for service and meet others in their time of need."

 Rachel Piepsny 

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Middle Childhood Education
  • Hometown:  Strongsville, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Project Connect, Girls on the Run, Evanston Academy, Cincinnati Youth Collaboration Mentoring, XU Women's Center, Alternative Breaks

"I've always had a passion for helping others in a way that recognizes both their humanity and dignity.  My passions are working with youth who are disadvantaged, individuals with disabilities, and members of gangs or other inner city violence, although I love to explore all areas of service.  I do what I do because I know I am blessed and want to see others have the same opportunities to discover their passion." 

Sarah Rudolph

  • Year:  Junior
  • Major:  Occupational Therapy
  • Hometown:  Parkersburg, West Virginia
  • Service Sites:  Girls on the Run, Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship Center

"God has given me this life so that I may be His vessel. My passion is to do this by serving others, sharing with them a love that is beyond compare. As Mother Teresa once said, 'A life not lived for others is not a life.'"

Timothy Schutzenhofer

Year:  Junior

Major:  Communications

Hometown:  Florissant, Missouri

Service Sites:  Boyz II Men, Wordplay

"Service is more than just volunteering or getting involved with clubs that do community service. To me service is getting out into the community and making those personal connections that you can only find through working with others. Through service you are able to see behind the mask of everyday life. It allows you the chance to see things through the perspective of others that you may have otherwise overlooked. There are so many great services happening in the community around us. All it took was someone going out in the community, making those personal connections and seeing life through someone else's perspective; then making a change based off their new perspective. This is what the Community Engaged Fellowship focuses on accomplishing and is a great description of what service truly means to me."

Mark Shaffer

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Criminal Justice
  • Hometown:  Portsmouth, Ohio

"Service is more than simply providing a service for someone. I like to envision service as getting your hands dirty and calloused with others and not just handing out materialistic necessities. Through community service, we can create an environment people will be proud to call their own and give them a sense of responsibility we can only hope they pass on to others."

Wabi Tela

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Psychology
  • Hometown:  La Vergne, Tennessee

"When the term service is brought up, often the first things that come to mind is donating one's time and charity. Even though these two points are important, I believe that service is much more. When I think of service, I see opportunities in having an impact in others' life for the better, discovering new things about myself, and helping the community grow even stronger. I feel that being in the Fellowship allows me to be able to do all of these things while being a part of a family that want to help me grow as a person."

Alison Trianfo

  • Year:  Junior
  • Major:  Philosophy, Politics and the Public Honors Program
  • Hometown:  Dublin, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Evanston Academy Spanish Club, Boys & Girls Club, ZooMates

"To me, service isn't just about meeting the minimal physical needs of the people I am trying to help - it's about seeing the humanity in the eyes of those I serve and pulling them up to recognize their own unique potential and dignity. It takes dedication and patience, but seeing the light in those I serve is worth it. I never feel more whole than when I am serving."

Joshua VanDervort

  • Year:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Business
  • Hometown:  Gahanna, Ohio

"With the passing of my grandmother to cancer, I immediately knew that this terrible disease is one that needs to end. With that passion driving me and the Jesuit practice of "Men and Women For Others" I have set out with the goal through my community service in the Greater Cincinnati area to END CANCER!"

Kelsey Vice

  • Year:  Junior
  • Major:  Sociology
  • Hometown:  Loveland, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Su Casa, Wordplay

"Service is the channel that connects me to my local and global community. It allows me to become aware of the social issues in our world and then challenges me to react to them. As I aim to become a servant leader in the community, I yearn to better understand not only the social issues but also the people I serve. Through service, stereotypes and barriers are broken down allowing me to view the people I work with as equals. Ultimately, service is what gives my life purpose. Thus, I am so blessed to be able to do what I love by being a part of the Community-Engaged Fellowship."

Allie Weiss

  • Year:  Senior
  • Major:  Marketing
  • Hometown:  Stow, Ohio
  • Service Sites:  Happen Inc, Evanston Academy, Unified for UNIFAT

"I try to live by the motto, 'Life is not made wonderful by the things you get; it is made wonderful by the things you give.'  Service outreach has become an essential part of my life.  Any service that I have done with others has not only impacted them, but has impacted me as well.  I am truly blessed to have been part of all the service I have done over the past years and cannot wait for all that is to come."