Honors Convocation Awards Program

James and Caroline Duff Banquet Center, Cintas Center
April 12, 2014

The following Senior Fellows were honored with these awards:

Kelsey Blackwell
The Charlotte Towle Social Work Award
Julia Magley
The William V. Masterson Memorial Scholarship
Kelly Schmidt   The Charles J. Ping Community Service Award
Kelly Schmidt                The John M. Zahurancik Award
Kelly Schmidt The Louis J. and Mildred V. Simon History Award
Kelly Schmidt
The Vincent and Hilda Gudorf Minority Studies Award



In addition to the Seniors, the following Fellows were also honored with awards at the Honors Convocation:

Rachel Piepsny                  The Mary Dahlstrom Scholarship
Rachel Piepsny The Benjamin D. Urmston Family Peace Studies Scholarship
Allison Weiss The Benjamin D. Urmston Family Peace Studies Scholarship



Muskie Awards – March 26, 2014


Cintas Center Banquet Rooms

The Muskies" is the annual student organization awards celebration recognizing the outstanding achievements and talents of our student organizations and their members/advisor as well as their contributions to campus and the community. 


Sophomore Member of the Year - Jake Haigis (SGA)


This award is presented to a sophomore member of an organization who has positively influenced the organization, has developed effective skills in inclusive leadership and teamwork, and participates fully in campus life.