"Out of State" License

If you wish to apply for an "Out of State" license, you will need the recommendation of the college (Xavier University) when you apply to another state. This means that before Xavier University can recommend you to another state for teacher license, you will need to have already completed all state requirements for Ohio. This includes all relevant Ohio Praxis II and/or OAE testing requirements. If you did not complete your license program through Xavier University, stop and contact the university where you completed your license program.

  • Go to the state's website you are seeking a license from and complete the appropriate form.  Mail the form to
  • the address below:

  • Ms. Renée Gosney
    College of Professional Sciences
    Xavier University
    3800 Victory Parkway
    Hailstones Hall
    Cincinnati, OH 45207-3224

Questions may be directed to xulicense@xavier.edu or (513) 745-3521.