Certificate/License and Process: Kentucky

If you wish to apply for Kentucky certification, you will need the recommendation of the college (Xavier University) when you apply to Kentucky. This means that before Xavier University can recommend you to another state for teacher license, you will need to have already completed all state requirements for Ohio. This includes all relevant Ohio Praxis II testing requirements.  If you did not complete your license program through Xavier University, stop and contact the university where you completed your license program

The following items are required at Xavier University to apply for Kentucky certificate or salary rank change:


  • You will need to complete a Kentucky TC-1 form. Complete page 1. If you have teaching experience, the bottom of page 1 needs to be signed by your school district superintendent to verify experience. Complete pages 1, 3 and only the top of page 5. Must print out TC-1 form and complete in black permanent ink.
  • Request your transcript at the following link: http://www.xavier.edu/registrar/students/Request-Your-Transcript1.cfm There is a $10.00 fee for your transcript.  See attached form for instructions to pay.   Your signature is required on the form. Please choose rush processing and list Ms. Virginia Hewan as the name to receive the transcript.
  • Include with the above, your fee (if applicable) for $50.00. Personal check/cash not accepted.
    • Make cashier's check or money order payable to "Kentucky, State Treasurer." Kentucky will charge $50.00 to process Rank change/issue or reissue regular five year certificates. Fee not required for Statement of Eligibility, or for completion of Level I programs. $50.00 fee needed with completion of Level II programs, and/or rank change.
    • This fee may also be paid online.
    • If paid online, a copy of the receipt must be submitted to Director for Certification/Licensure
  • Mail all of the above (except transcript request form) to:

    Ms. Virginia Hewan, Director for Certification/Licensure
    College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education
    Xavier University
    3800 Victory Parkway
    206 Hailstones Hall
    Cincinnati, OH 45207-3224
  • Applicants applying for "Statement of Eligibility" need to send the Education Professional Standards Board, Division of Certification, Frankfort, Kentucky the following:
    • Official Praxis test score reports. Remember that Kentucky has different test requirements than those required by Ohio. Refer to Kentucky testing information at www.kyepsb.net/assessment
    • All previous official transcripts showing college work.
    • Photocopy of your Ohio teaching certificate or license.
    • Send any other information to the Education Professional Standards Board which may be requested from the applicant.
    • Fingerprinting is not required as a part of the application process for Kentucky certification.
    Questions may be directed to xulicense@xavier.edu or (513) 745-3521.