Doctor of Nursing Practice in Population Health Leadership

This population health-focused program prepares nurses as leaders in addressing the complexity of 21st-century health care and health care outcomes. Through the lens of Xavier's Jesuit tradition, students achieve the highest level of academic preparation that incorporates scientific, philosophical, ethical and historical perspectives of nursing practice along with the complexities of present and future global and holistic health care.

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Xavier is ranked among the best nursing schools by
U.S. New & World Report for 2015.

Population Health

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Keeping People Healthy

Students in the doctoral program are steeped in the emerging health care concept of Population Health, a wellness-based approach that reimburses providers and hospitals for keeping people—and populations—healthy in order to improve the country's health outcomes at a lower overall cost. Students focus on the population of their choice as they develop their DNP project.

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Immersion Experience

Students participate in intense immersion experiences in a variety of environments focused on supporting management of care for individuals and populations, administration of nursing and health care organizations, and development and implementation of health policy that will ultimately influence health care outcomes for populations.

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Jesuit Ethics

Because nurses are at the center of many decisions involving health care providers with their patients and their families, Xavier emphasizes a Jesuit-based philosophical and theological foundation that guides nursing graduates in their decision-making so they are confident in the ethical framework within which they work. Our graduates value the whole person and have a special respect for life and death.

Nursing Entry Points

We offer several entry points to help you find the right program:

Undergraduate Program

First, the prognosis: the demand for skilled, well-trained nurses is expected to increase at a nearly 20% level through 2022. Plus nurses continue to be the largest single component of hospital staff as the primary providers of patient care. But beyond the numbers, our unique Jesuit philosophy of caring for the whole person not only develops your intellect but also your sense of empathy—a quality that goes beyond a resumé.

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MSN Entry Points for RN's

Currently the MSN for RNs is offered on-site at the main campus and via video conferencing at partner sites in Ohio and, for VA employees, Lexington, Kentucky.

Non-nurses with a Bachelor's Degree

MSN: Direct Entry as Second Degree - MIDAS Program - This is a 20-month full-time pre-licensure MSN program offered onsite at the main campus.

Accelerated BSN - Connect with your true calling in as little as 16 months.

Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Xavier's graduate nursing program is for nurses who not only want to serve–they want to lead. Graduates are prepared as holistic healers and leaders in the delivery of health care with an educational foundation grounded in Jesuit ethics and value. Be the best provider of nursing care today and a health care leader forever.

DNP Program »

Post-master's Certificate Options for RN's with MSN

Offered at main campus and video-conferencing at partner sites for:

DNP Program Goals

  • Integrate the scientific, philosophical, ethical, and historical underpinnings of professional nursing practice from a global and holistic perspective.
  • Provide organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement and systems thinking.
  • Provide leadership in clinical scholarship and analytical methods for evidence-based practice.
  • Utilize information systems/technology and patient care technology for the holistic improvement and transformation of health care.
  • Influence health care policy for advocacy in health care.
  • Establish interprofessional collaboration for holistically improving patient and population health outcomes.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate health care delivery methods for illness prevention and population health for improving the Nation's health.
  • Utilize conceptual and analytical skills to synthesize relationships among practice, organizations, diverse populations, fiscal resources, and policy concerns and to advance nursing practice.


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