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Tina   Tina Meagher
(513) 745-3682

Tina Meagher earned a BFA in Electronic Media from the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) at the University of Cincinnati. She also earned a master's degree in Education from Xavier. She is the primary video and digital media producer for teaching and learning and manages the Digital Media Lab's Student Studio and Faculty Studio.

Graphic Designer

Tina   Jessica Murphy
(513) 745-4292

Jessica Murphy has both an undergraduate and master's degree from Purdue University in Graphic Design. Before coming to Xavier in 2005, Jessica taught graphic design (including raster illustration, vector illustration, web design, web usability, design for print & interactive animation design) at IUPUI in Indianapolis. She is the primary graphic designer of the Video & Digital Media team.


DML Interns

Name Major
Rachel Snodgrass
DML Intern

Occupational Therapy,'14

E.J. Swisshelm
DML Intern

P.P.P., '14

DML Assistants

Name Major

Meaghan Baker
DML Assistant

Occupational Therapy, '16
Winston Fuetter
DML Assistant

P.P.P., '16

Lauren Hardin
DML Assistant

Electronic Media, '14

Hoang Le
DML Assistant

Finance, '14

Dillon Morris
DML Assistant

Physics, '14

Suubi Nambwayo
DML Assistant

Information Systems, '15

Hector Rivera
DML Assistant

Marketing, '16

Allie Ruhl
DML Assistant

Occupational Therapy,'15

Gaby Serrano
DML Assistant

Entrepreneurial Studies and Management, '15

William Woodfork
DML Assistant