Audio Recorders and Wireless Microphones

Audio recorders and wireless microphones are avaliable for checkout for up to 24 hours and must be return it to the Digital Media Lab by close of the next day. The equipment is considered late if it is not returned to the Digital Media Lab by the close of the next day. There is a $25.00 per day late fee per item everyday that the equipment is not returned.

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Replacement Cost


Azden VHF Wireless Mic System

(Lapel or Handheld Microphone)


· 2-channel transmitter and receiver

· Up to 250 feet range

· Lavalier or handheld  mic (can’t be used together)

· Powered by 9volt batteries

· 3.5 mm mini – jack microphone output



Creative Zen Audio Recorder


· 4gb of hard drive space

· Records audio in .wav format

· The battery is charged by usb cord