Welcome Students,

In his welcome address to incoming students and their families during Manresa, Father Graham articulated Xavier's commitment to maintaining an inclusive campus community that is enriched by the diversity of its members. He also stressed that acts of incivility, especially those based on race/ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religion and other characteristics of identity, which threaten Xavier's climate of inclusion, will not be tolerated. Both insights draw upon the Catholic, Jesuit value of solidarity, which calls us to protect and defend the dignity and worth of our fellow human beings.

Violations of these standards are outlined in the Student Handbook at  http://www.xavier.edu/deanofstudents/documents/studenthandbook.pdf . They include harassment and discrimination on any basis, sexual assault, threats and intimidation, and other conduct that undermines the learning environment. If you experience or witness such behaviors, you are encouraged to bring them to the attention of the appropriate Xavier officials.  For advice, counseling or information, you can contact the following:

  • Campus Police, emergency help line,  745-1000
  • The Advocate Program,  745-1000
  • Dr. Michael Meier, Director of Counseling, McGrath Health and Wellness Center, meier@xavier.edu
  • Dr. Susan Kenford, Director of Psychological Services, kenford@xavier.edu
  • Ms. Lori Lambert, Director, Residence Life, lambert@xavier.edu

To file a complaint of harassment and discrimination, as outlined in the Harassment Code and Accountability Procedures (http://www.xavier.edu/hr/docs/Employees/harassmentcode.pdf) you should contact the Affirmative Action Officer.

By working together to safeguard our community standards, we strengthen community itself. 


The Office of the Dean of Students, The Office of Residence Life, McGrath Counseling Services, The Center for Interfaith Community Engagement, The Center for International Education, The Psychological Services Center, The Advocate Program, The Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice, The Diversity & Equity Office, The Eigel Center for Community Engaged Learning, The Women's Center Campus Police