Classroom capture is used to document in-class activities or record specific course related events for use by students in a specific course. In order to honor your request, please fill out the classroom capture form at least five business days prior to the class or course related capture event.

Service Provided

The DML Staff will:

Deliver and setup the video camera and tripod in the classroom
Pick up the camera & tripod when the class is over
Process the video, including:

Exporting the video
Posting to Canvas
Sending the capture to the faculty as a file

The DML staff will do little or no editing to the capture

Note: Faculty have the responsibility to start and end the recording on the camera, or provide someone to operate the camera. Digital Media Lab staff can provide instructions on how to operate the camera when they deliver it, but are not able to remain at the location past the time required to deliver the equipment.


Complete the Classroom Capture Request Form below at least five business days prior to the class or event. A member of the Video & Digital Media Services Team will confirm your request by email or phone and ask any additional questions.


Please contact Paul Weber at (513) 745-3682.


Include the building and room number.

Please list anything of importance to your recording - Speaker, Projection Screen, Objects in the room, etc.

If yes, a release form will be provided by the Digital Media Lab for each speaker and must be completed and a copy returned to the Digital Media Lab before the video can be released.

If you are unsure please describe your intentions below and we will reach out to discuss options.