Winter / Cohen Student Fellows Program

The Winter / Cohen Student Fellows Program at the Brueggeman Center is indebted to the Winter / Cohen family that has provided the endowment that supports it. It has evolved over the years into its current form which is one of the really unique opportunities at Xavier University. In truth there is no single purpose. The fellowship has no set curriculum or format other than the fact that each fellow creates their own project and takes on the responsibility for its completion.

These projects are as unique as each individual fellow, ranging from research projects to photo-journalistic essays, to creative writing projects. Our job is to challenge them to discover new issues and new potentials in themselves. They face  many  types of challenges during their tenure. They are challenged both by participation in Center activities and by interaction with each other. But perhaps the most significant challenge comes in the fact that all the projects involve travel to a foreign country. Fellows make these journeys, usually by themselves, without the comforts of the typical university study abroad programs.

Fellows have traveled to Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, living and working in situations as varied as an AIDS high school in Kibera (the largest squatter settlement in Africa) to the World Trade Center in Geneva. Through these immersion experiences they are changed and the paths upon which their lives have been set are altered in significant ways. The hope is that the fellowships might provide students with an opportunity for intellectual, moral and spiritual self-discovery which will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Fellows chosen for the current Academic Year are below.  For information regarding previous and current Brueggeman Fellows, please go the Brueggeman Fellows website- 

Fall 2015/Spring 2016

  • Rachel Fletcher/Biology/Australia-Sustainable Alternatives: Brassica Biofumigation
  • Anna Harty/Gender and Diversity Studies/Indonesia, New Guinea-Role of Women in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
  • Abigail Maristela/Psychology and Sociology/Pacific Islands-Current and Impending Fate of Environmental Refugees in the Pacific Islands
  • Daniel Newman/Biology/India, Nepal-Species Conservation and the Role of Socioeconomic and Cultural Context
  • Sarah Ochieng/Political Science and English/Africa, South Africa-Ending Early Childhood Marriages in Africa
  • Alison Trianfo/PPP and International Studies/Columbia, Ecuador-Cultural and Legal Responses to Gender-Based Violence