DCR Committee Charge

The Committee has responsibility for granting courses, approved by the appropriate college curriculum committee and Board of Undergraduate Studies, DCR standing. The committee may also revoke DCR standing from courses.  The committee has the responsibility of making sure the proper attribute designations are given to DCR course sections every semester. The Committee also has responsibility for recommending revisions in DCR policies and criteria.
The Diversity Curriculum Requirement (DCR) Committee is composed of nine (9) voting faculty members, the dean or the dean's designee from each of the three (3) colleges (ex officio, non-voting), and the University Registrar (ex officio, non-voting).  Of the faculty members four (4) will be from the Gender and Diversity Studies Minor Steering Committee.  These members will include two (2) from the College of Arts & Sciences (from two different departments) and one (1) each from the College of Business, and Social Sciences, Health & Education.  These members will be nominated by the GDST committee and approved by the Provost and Chief Academic Officer.  The Board of Undergraduate Studies steering committee will appoint one (1) member from the BUGS committee. The remaining four (4) members consist of one (1) each from the college curriculum committees (Arts & Sciences, Business and Social Sciences, Health & Education) and one (1) at-large elected by vote of the Faculty Assembly.  The term of office is three years or the length of time a member remains on the committee he or she represents (whichever is shorter). The committee will elect a principle faculty member as chair from the four (4) GDST committee members.
Approval of a proposal requires a quorum and a simple majority vote of affirmation from those in attendance.
The Committee reports to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer. A selected liaison reports to the Faculty Committee.