The CTE has staff members who work closely with the Faculty Advisory Board to design and implement the programs and services of the CTE.

Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco

Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco, PhD

CTE Faculty Director and Chair of the CTE Faculty Advisory Board

Diane serves as Faculty Director of the CTE and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Classics and Modern Languages. She completed her doctoral work in Spanish Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology at the University of Pittsburgh. Diane instructs courses in Spanish and Foreign Language pedagogy and has published articles in such journals as Hispania, The Language Educator, Central States Reports and The NAMTA Journal. Her research interests include second language acquisition, intercultural communicative competence, content based language learning, learner strategy training, and integrating technology to enhance language learning. An international presenter and K-12 teacher trainer, Diane has also coordinated study abroad programs in Spain, Mexico and Peru, and has served as a visiting professor in Costa Rica and Spain.

Laney Bender-Slack

Laney Bender-Slack, PhD

CTE Faculty Associate

Laney Bender-Slack is an Associate Professor of Literacy and Reading Program Director in the Department of Childhood Education and Literacy at Xavier University and received her doctorate in literacy from the University of Cincinnati. She is a teacher educator, teaching courses in methods, middle childhood and adolescent literature, content area literacy, process writing,and reading theories. She has published articles in such journals as The Reading Professor, EnglishJournal, Feminist Teacher, Teacher Education and Practice, Teacher Educator, and Midwestern Educational Researcher. She has been involved in coordinating and implementing international experiences in Peru and Nicaragua. Her research interests include social justice teaching, critical literacy, curriculum studies, study abroad, and adolescent literacy.

Mary Kochlefl

Mary Kochlefl, PhD

CTE Administrative Director

At Xavier since 1995, Mary has been director for grant services since 2000. In her prior role as coordinator for grant services and professional development, Mary was responsible for faculty development programming.

In addition to her full-time administrative roles, Mary has taught courses, including Literature and the Moral Imagination, Freshman Composition, and Studies in Fiction, as an adjunct faculty member in Xavier's English Department. Mary earned her undergraduate degree in English from Columbia University and her MA and PhD in English from Indiana University. She completed minors in religion in both of her undergraduate and graduate programs.

Sharon Blake

Sharon Blake

CTE Administrative Assistant

Sharon has been at Xavier since 2007 and in her current position since 2010. In addition to her role with the CTE, Sharon is also the Administrative Assistant for the IRB.

Sharon earned her undergraduate degree here at Xavier in Management. She is currently working on her MA in Theology.