Faculty Advisory Board

The CTE is advised by an ad hoc faculty committee with representation from all three colleges. This committee provides input into the programs and services offered by the CTE, ensuring that the CTE is faculty-focused and faculty-driven. The Faculty Director of the CTE serves as the chair of this committee, which works closely with the Administrative Director and the other members of the CTE staff.

Dr. Tamara Giluk

Tamara Giluk, PhD

Department of Management
and Entrepreneurship

Stephen Yandell

Stephen Yandell, PhD
Faculty Director

Department of English

Dr. Richard Mullins

Richard Mullins, PhD

Department of Chemistry

 David Randolph Ph.D.

David Randolph, PhD

Department of Accountancy
and Business Law

Dr. Rachel Chrastil

Rachel Chrastil, PhD

Department of History

Dr. Kathleen Hart

Kathy Hart, PhD

Department of Psychology

Dr. Kelly Beischel

Kelly Beischel, PhD

Department of Nursing

 Dr. Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco


Diane Ceo-Di-Francesco

Department of Modern Languages