All course syllabi at Xavier are publicly available through Xavier University's library. For faculty members, they provide a critical resource for new course development and for course redevelopment. However, they can be tricky to find. To locate the syllabus for any course, follow these directions. Yes, there really are 8 steps. . .

  1. Start with this link to Xavier e-reserves
  2. Use the drop-down box (?View List of Course Reserves Pages taught by?), and scroll down until you highlight the word, ?Syllabus.? Click ?View?
  3. Now in the left column, you should see a list beginning with SYLLCAS (for ?Syllabi, College of Arts & Sciences), Fall 1998. You can use the drop-down box on the top-left to display all 100 entries.
  4. Select and click the most recent year available for your college?either ?SYLLCAS? for Arts & Sciences, ?SYLLWCB? for Williams College of Business, or ?SYLLCSSHE? for College of Social Sciences, Health and Education. (Note that other changes to the name of WCB and CSSHE mean that older syllabi are listed under SYLLCBA and SYLLCSS, respectively.)
  5. Choose ?accept? on the copyright statement.
  6. Choose the folder listing your department.
  7. Click on any course to read the PDF file. Courses are listed by instructor, course number and course title.
  8. Don?t see the course you were looking for? Perhaps it was taught in a previous semester. You will probably want to look at the last few semesters of courses for your department, which you can do by going back to step 4.

Trouble finding a course syllabus? Contact the Connection Center.