Start dateJanuary 2012

The FLC on Excellence invites 8-12 members to participate in a year-long discussion on Excellence. This Faculty Learning Community aims to create a fruitful space of conversation at the intersection of academic excellence and professional identities forged in part by the context of Xavier's Ignatian tradition.

The goal of this FLC is to invigorate and empower faculty efforts at providing students with an educational experience characterized by critical thinking and articulate expression with particular attention given to ethical issues and values by allowing for reflection, discernment and deliberation about how to engage their work as teacher-scholars wisely and sustainably. Specifically, FLC participants will work on developing their own particular vision, voice and focus as teacher-scholars. Through our communal reflection both on pedagogical literature and on what we have learned in our praxis as teacher-scholars this FLC provides space for individual and collective discernment to make wiser, more deliberate choices in how we educate and how we sustain our continual growth and development as teacher-scholars in a context that appreciates the wholeness of our personhood. Meetings will include conversations on pedagogy and best practices, rooted both in experience and readings.

Participants will come from multiple departments, and will complete a course-related project during the year, as well as developing a 3-5 year plan for their professional growth and development in the areas of teaching and scholarship. Additionally, FLC members will identify ways to extend conversations on excellence with their departments and the university community.

Participants will be selected from full-time, teaching faculty interested in exploration of this topic and able to make the commitment to engaging in a year-long community. Criteria for selection include: commitment to reflective teaching, openness to new ideas, level of interest in the program, commitment to full participation in the community, and potential for contributions to the group. Each participant will receive between $250 and $500 in professional development money, with the precise amount to be determined by the FLC members as they together establish the FLC's $10,000 budget. This budget may also be used to fund off-campus visits, retreats, visiting speakers, food, and other relevant expenses.

Feel free to contact the FLC facilitator:

Gillian Ahlgren (Theology)                      

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
David Mengel, faculty director of the CTE