Start date: August 2012

The goal of this FLC is to enhance the course-level and program-level teaching of honors students at Xavier. The FLC may consider how honors sections can become part of a common experience for honors students (especially University Scholars), regardless of major. We intend to look at the best practices at other institutions with successful honors programs. FLC members may visit and study honors programs at other universities; learn about how to incorporate new technologies into honors courses; discuss how to differentiate an honors course from a non-honors course; consider whether to propose common guidelines for honors courses; design or redesign particular honors courses that they teach; and explore other issues pertinent to teaching honors that the group determines.

FLC Members

James Wood (Philosophy)
Lisa Ottum (English)
Natalia Jacovkis (Modern Languages)
Rebecca Muich (Classics)
Ann Marie Tracey (Accountancy)
Justin Link (Physics)
Kelly Austin (English)
Christine Anderson (History)


Feel free to contact the FLC facilitators about this particular FLC:

Sandy Korros (History)
Dena Morton (Mathematics and Computer Science)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
Steve Yandell, faculty director of the CTE