Faculty facilitators: Brent Blair (Biology) and Kathleen Smythe (History)

The FLC on Incorporating Sustainability in Courses will include sessions devoted to the literature on the value of integrating sustainability (economic, environmental, and social) into our university curricula as well as practical reports and discussions drawing on the expertise of a number of faculty across disciplines. Participants will develop their own individual projects related to integrating sustainability into a current or new course. In addition, we will take at least one local field trip. These conversations will contribute to several larger University efforts: fulfilling our Campus Sustainability Plan and creating (or revising) courses for the Environmental Studies minor or the new Environmental Science major. We hope that the participants will come from a wide variety of disciplines and will include faculty who have not previously incorporated sustainability themes in their courses. Participants will share the results of their projects with their department and with the university community.

FLC Members

Nancy Bertaux, Economics
Mollie McIntosh, Biology
Rachel Chrastil. History
Mary Lisa Vertuca, Education
Rebecca Luce, Management & Entrepreneurship
Mina Lee, Management & Entrepreneurship
Tom Wagner, Communication Arts
Elizabeth Groppe, Theology
Brent Blair, Biology (FLC co-facilitator)
Kathleen Smythe, History (FLC co-facilitator)

Participants were selected from full-time faculty interested in exploration of this topic and able to make the commitment to engaging in a year-long community. Criteria for selection include: commitment to reflective teaching, openness to new ideas, level of interest in the program, commitment to full participation in the community, and potential for contributions to the group. We are seeking both participants who have no experience and those who may have some experience with sustainability themes. Each participant will receive between $250 and $500 in professional development money, with the precise amount to be determined by the FLC members as they together establish the FLC?s $10,000 budget. This budget may also be used to fund off-campus visits, retreats, visiting speakers, food, and other relevant expenses.

download final report of the 2010-2011 FLC for Sustainability (.pdf file)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
David Mengel, faculty director of the CTE
mengel@xavier.edu 745-3870