The FLC on Quantitative Literacy at Xavier is composed of 14 members of the Xavier faculty who are participating in a year-long discussion of issues related to the Quantitative Literacy of students and graduates of Xavier University. The goal of this FLC is to get to know, to document, and to disseminate the many different views on this important issue. We hope and believe that a better and broader understanding of the various views, concerns, issues, and needs of Quantitative Literacy will form the necessary foundation and starting point for the Xavier community to address and to design ways to overcome the problems associated with the limited Quantitative Literacy among students. The earlier FLC meetings will focus on the theoretical perspectives of Quantitative Literacy and evidence of the levels of Quantitative Literacy among current Xavier students; together these will form the basis for the subsequent development of strategies for increasing levels of Quantitative Literacy among Xavier students. 


FLC members: 

Kelly Beischel (Nursing)
Greg Braun (Physics)
Julie Cagle (Finance)
Minerva Catral (Mathematics)
Dalia Diab (Psychology)
Daniel Dwyer (Philosophy)
George Farnsworth (Biology)
Lynda Kilbourne (Management)
Bree Lang (Economics)
Mack Mariani (Political Science)
Christian Mastilak (Accountancy)
Randy Patnode (Communication Arts)
Bernd Rossa (Mathematics & Computer Science) FLC co-facilitator
Heidrun Schmitzer (Physics) FLC co-facilitator



Feel free to contact the FLC facilitators about this particular FLC:

Heidrun Schmitzer (Physics)                      
Bernd Rossa (Mathematics & Computer Science)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
David Mengel, faculty director of the CTE