2016 CTE Faculty in Residence Program

Description and Nomination Form

The CTE Faculty Advisory Board will select a single course that will be taught in CLC 308 and opened to groups of faculty observers on several occasions. In addition, the faculty instructor of this course will offer a series of lectures for Xavier staff and alumni on topics related to the course. This program directly supports the CTE's mission, in particular its promotion of "effective teaching that is reflective, engaging, creative, and informed by both pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge."

For this program, the CTE is especially interested in highlighting a course that incorporates innovative teaching methods or techniques informed by pedagogical research. Have you redesigned a course based on principles informed by the scholarship of teaching and learning? Do you know about a creative and innovative class that you would like to observe? Have you taken a great class that you think other faculty would benefit from observing? Interesting in hearing staff lectures on a topic related to the course? Please nominate a fall 2015 course using the form below. All nominations are anonymous, and self-nominations are welcome.

We understand that not every great course is a good fit for this program, nor does every talented professor teach a course that would be a good match.

What kind of course makes a good match?

  • Only fall 2016 courses will be considered.
  • The course must be able to be taught in CLC 308, a classroom seating up to 30 students and equipped with a computer podium, projector, additional screens, and a large whiteboard.
  • The content of the course must be accessible to well-educated non-specialists. Graduate and advanced undergraduate courses that assume specialist knowledge are not likely to be a good match.
  • The topic of the course should be of broad interest, so that a series of staff lectures on the same or parallel topic would be likely to attract interest.
  • The course should be taught at a time when many faculty from all three colleges are on campus. Evening and weekend classes are not ideal, for this reason.
  • The course should incorporate innovative pedagogical approaches that are likely to stimulate faculty conversations about teaching.

So please help us by nominating great courses that would be a good match to this program.

Please take a moment to find the details of the course you are recommending using the Class Schedule Listing for fall 2016 and copy or type them into the nomination form below. Nominations due by Friday, April 1, 2016.

Nomination Form

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We hope to select a course of broad interest to faculty, staff and students.