Start date: January 2013

Experiential learning potentially addresses a number of priorities both at Xavier University and in higher education generally, including an increased emphasis on education for sustainability, decreasing the costs of higher education, promoting student-centered learning, preparing students for a changing economy and job market, and promoting our institutional citizenship.  Experiential learning has a variety of forms, including problem-based learning, project-based learning and place-based learning and can be used in most disciplines.  Participants will work on developing a new course or modify an existing course with a significant experiential learning component. 


FLC Members

Kathy Winterman (Secondary & Special Education)
Sean Rhiney (Eigel Center)
Nancy Bertaux (Economics)
Renee Zucchero (Psychology)
Rebecca Luce (Management)
Madeleine Mitchell (ESL)
Gillian Ahlgren (Theology)
Christian Mastilak (Accountancy)
Blis DeVault (Communications)



Feel free to contact the FLC facilitators about this particular FLC:

Kathleen Smythe (History)
Elizabeth Groppe (Theology)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
Steve Yandell, faculty director of the CTE