Start Date: August 2012

The FLC on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) will spend the year engaging with the increasingly large body of literature focused on student learning and the pedagogical strategies and techniques that promote it, as well as selected research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience related to teaching and learning. The purpose of the FLC is two-fold. First, participants will become more familiar with a wide range of pedagogical strategies and techniques, some of which they can integrate into their courses. Second, participants will contribute to the SoTL literature by designing and carrying out a scholarly project. We will begin with an exploration of a sampling of the general literature on SoTL, with the purpose of familiarizing members with the breadth of research topics and methodologies employed in SoTL, introducing members to research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience relevant to SoTL, and beginning to think about research design and ethical issues raised by SoTL. At the same time, participants will develop scholarly questions of interest to an individual faculty member or to a pair of faculty members. Participants will then move to carry out their scholarly projects and begin preparation of a paper for publication and/or presentation at a scholarly conference.

FLC Members

Cindy Dulaney (Psychology)
Heidrun Schmitzer (Physics)
Bernd Rossa (Math)
Kelly Beischel (Nursing)
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (Modern Languages)
Lara Dorger (ESL)
Marg McDiarmid (Modern Languages)
Michael Coggins (ESL)
Mary Stroud (Chemistry)
Rashmi Assudani (Management and Entrepreneurship)


Feel free to contact the FLC facilitators about this particular FLC:

Kathy Hart (Psychology)

Kandi Stinson (Sociology)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:Steve Yandell, faculty director of the CTE.