Whom should you contact when you observe...? 

The university's Student Risk Assessment Committee (SRAC) has put together a list of resources that forms the basis of the following list. Faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate person or office when you observe or become aware of a student who my demonstrate behavioral or emotional concerns, or when you believe that a student may potentially become a risk to others or to his or her self. Faculty members should contact the relevant office or person directly rather than instructing the student to make the contact. Use the links to find current contact information.

For more information, or for questions about which resource is appropriate for a given student's situation,
contact the Dean of Students.

For academic concerns and support, see this list of relevant offices and resources.

Illegal activity, sexual assault or all forms of assault
Chief Michael Couch, Xavier Police 745-1000

Relationship violence, harrassment, sexual violence, stalking
Dr. Anna Ghee, contact person for the Advocate Program

Student-on-student harrassment and/or behavior concerns
 Dean of Students

Stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, or other emotional concerns
Dr. Michael Meier, Director of Counseling Services
Dr. Susan Kenford, Director of Psychological Services

Death of a loved one or spiritual questions
Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice

Retention Issues
Student Academic Support Services

Academic Concerns

the associate dean of the relevant college


Resources to provide academic support for your students

James A. Glen Writing Center

Mathematics Tutoring Lab

Xavier Language Lab

Center for Student Academic Support Services

  Learning Assistance Center  
  TRiO (for first-generation college students)  
  Academic Advising (for students without a declared major)  
  Student Athlete Academic Support Services
  Student Success and Retention  


Other resources to which you can refer your students

Career Center

Women's Center