CTE Faculty Learning Communities for 2014 - 2015

After an open call for proposals, the CTE Faculty Advisory Committee selected two new FLCs for fall 2014.

For the two FLCs starting August 2014, members will be selected after an initial application deadline of August 1; later applications will be considered if space remains.

Please click the appropriate link below for the full description of each FLC and the member application.

  • The Transformative Potential of Faculty Immersion, facilitated by Delane Bender-Slack (Childhood Education and Literacy) and Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (Classics and Modern Languages).  
  • This FLC will include an international immersion travel experience and a year-long discussion on integrating immersion into course content and program goals. Key topics for discussion include connecting immersion to course work (especially providing a continuum of experiences tied to having completed different parts of the core curriculum); the meaning of the preferential option for the poor and of solidarity, technology and emerging media; and the role of reflection in formation and transformation.  
  • Seeking Legacy Opportunities, facilitated by David Rodick (Philosophy).
  • This FLC will explore the importance of legacy creation, the means for establishing legacy, as well as the difficult work of sustaining a legacy. Possible topics and activities include the importance of legacy building; case studies of examples where legacy work has been successful and not successful; the importance of creating “artifacts” in the process of legacy building; possible visits to nearby institutions where legacy work has been successful; as well as providing the occasion for at least one guest speaker addressing the wider Xavier University community on the importance of legacy.