CTE Faculty Learning Communities for 2015

After an open call for proposals, the CTE Faculty Advisory Committee selected two new FLC's for spring 2015.

For the FLC's starting January  2015, members will be selected after an initial application deadline of December 19; later applications will be considered if space remains.

Please click below for the member application.

  • Topic:  First Year Seminars
    Faculty Co-Facilitators:  Niamh J. O’Leary (English) and Michelle Brady (Philosophy)
    This FLC will function in part as a workshop during the Spring 2015 semester to help faculty collaboratively plan their Fall 2015 First Year Seminars, and partly as a support group, as participants teach in the fall semester and share their successes and concerns. During both semesters, we will regularly meet with various offices on campus to support our FYS efforts, including Student Life, Residential Life, the Library, and the Career Services Center. We hope to collectively produce a digital archive of material to aid all faculty in planning and teaching their future First Year Seminars. To apply please click here.

  • Topic:  Performance Tasks
    Faculty Co-Facilitators:  Heidrun Schmitzer (Physics), Kathleen Smythe (History)

    Many faculty consider critical thinking as one of the most important outcomes of Xavier’s core, yet it is often not obvious how to teach and assess this SLO. A performance task does this by presenting the student with a real-world scenario.  In this FLC, we will learn the basic ingredients of performance tasks, generate ideas for our own, and bring these ideas to completion for use in the classroom. To apply please click here.