While waiting for my son's game in the post season tourney for 4th grade basketball, another 4th grade game was in progress before his. It turned into an amazing game, ending, and overtime. The part that was great was the two schools involved had teams in both the ongoing game and the next game.  So the gym was rocking with fans from all four teams cheering loudly as the game came down to the end.

Now, I am not going to name the schools, because that is not the important part here, the important part is that the fans, coaches, and players from all four teams were all a part of creating that joyous moment. Yes, the game was tied at the buzzer by a great shot that took the game to overtime. Yes, the players were all elated, crushed, joyous, and celebrating from one moment to the next. But, what was important was that all of us there were enjoying the game in its purest sense, a game for kids where they all learned something out of it. 

All of the coaches were terrific in supporting the kids and the parents from all teams were congratulating both teams as the terrific game ended for all of their hard work. Where the kids that lost a little down about the result, absolutley, but they will never forget the way the crowd was cheering and the way the adults showed the kids what good sportsmenship is, from both sides of a great game.

If only our older players, all the way up to College and then the NBA, could always remember the simple lesson from the 4th graders on this day. Try your best, play hard, but most of all never forget to have fun while you are doing it, and you might just learn something while you play the game.

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