Might not be the question you were expecting, who gets ready for June? While it might be a month full of activity for everyone it is not usually a time that people are preparing for wiht intent.

Why don't we make an effort to change that. Take a moment, step back and reflect on the upcoming month. We are in the 6 month of the year, how have things gone so far? Take a moment to reflect, ponder, and plan. Look at where you have been and compare it to where you wanted to be. How will you use that to shape the rest of your year?

If you are looking for more detailed help to practice this type of reflection, take a look at this site, the Jesuit Resource Site from the Mission and Identity office.

 Please take a moment this memorial day and step back from the BBQ, and spend a quiet moment thanking those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. If you know a veteran thank them as well, as we need to remember we still have people in harm's way today, working to make sure you have a chance to have that burger or hot dog.

 As the end of the school year and the start of summer approaches, why dont we make a summer resolution. Might be a new concept and it might just be ignored like the new years resolution that lasted all the way to Martin Luther King Day, but let's try it.

This summer we need to work on learning more and forgetting less. I know you will think I am focusing this on the children, but I mean this for everyone. The general concensus is that kids forget a lot they learned during the school year and have to start over again the following school year. While this is true, I think we all have a tendency to forget to think and learn during the summer. 

Purposefully set up times to learn this summer, adults, kids, and as families. If everyone is learning this summer, what a powerful year we could have moving forward!

 Did you forget that today was tax day? 

I know it is a fluke that it is on the 17th this year but did you remember? Will you be trying to mail the return right at the last minute?  If so, why in the world did you not e-file it?

Does anyone want to explain this process to me, why do you late until the last minute and then put it into the postal services hands?  It would seem a much more efficient system is out there waiting for you to use it, but wait was I talking about taxes there or the postal system in general?

I guess that is for you to decide.

 Have you notice baseball season is starting?  What are your thoughts?

Are you more intersted in other sports? Do not have enough time? Not enough money?

I would hope that more people in our country could get into baseball than have been today. I believe one of our largest issues as a society is the lack of patience we have in all aspect of our lives. We want things right now, if not sooner. But baseball is such a long season, and the pace is so much slower, I hope more people can appreciate what the sport has to offer so that we do not lose another part of our socieity that teaches us to be a bit more patient.

 Seriously?  The little computer company that could is now the largest in the world, who would have thought? Have you made fun of the fact that apple does not make real computers or it is just a fad?

Well it looks like that fad has been quite successful. One hope that I would have is that Apple could bring back some of the jobs they have shipped overseas to the US. Why cant IPads be made in the USA?  

if it is a structural problem, it  is something that should be fixed what do you think?

 Congratulations to all the teams who made it into the tourney. But I also want to make sure we all keep our focus in the classroom at this time. Have fun with the games, absolutely, but do not miss the learning opportunity for you and your children as well. 

 Doesn't it seem that we are always talking about School Budgets?  Tonight another district, Lakota, will be having a school board meeting talking about possible future cuts and attempts to balance the budget. I believe we should all take a closer look at what our local schools are trying to do and support them as they do it. It is not enough to just sit back and wait for an election day to make the decision, although that is a big part of it. We must also be a part of the decision making processes leading up to the elections, levy votes, and other activities.

So, if you school board has a meeting coming up and is deciding on how to spend your money, will you be attending?

 As many of your heard on the news today, Whitney Houston passed away this weekend. The sadness and the feeling of what could have been I have difficulty shaking when thinking of this amazing artist. Who can forget that national anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991? It was pitch perfect both in performance and timing for what our country needed at just that time.

I hope she has finally found the peace that was sorely lacking in her life this past few years. I also hope this serves as a wake-up call to those that need to remember the impact that a life can suffer from some decisions on how to live it.

 While waiting for my son's game in the post season tourney for 4th grade basketball, another 4th grade game was in progress before his. It turned into an amazing game, ending, and overtime. The part that was great was the two schools involved had teams in both the ongoing game and the next game.  So the gym was rocking with fans from all four teams cheering loudly as the game came down to the end.

Now, I am not going to name the schools, because that is not the important part here, the important part is that the fans, coaches, and players from all four teams were all a part of creating that joyous moment. Yes, the game was tied at the buzzer by a great shot that took the game to overtime. Yes, the players were all elated, crushed, joyous, and celebrating from one moment to the next. But, what was important was that all of us there were enjoying the game in its purest sense, a game for kids where they all learned something out of it. 

All of the coaches were terrific in supporting the kids and the parents from all teams were congratulating both teams as the terrific game ended for all of their hard work. Where the kids that lost a little down about the result, absolutley, but they will never forget the way the crowd was cheering and the way the adults showed the kids what good sportsmenship is, from both sides of a great game.

If only our older players, all the way up to College and then the NBA, could always remember the simple lesson from the 4th graders on this day. Try your best, play hard, but most of all never forget to have fun while you are doing it, and you might just learn something while you play the game.

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