Revolutionizing Education as One

Education Photo

It takes more than a village to teach a child. To address the needs of today's student, it takes a unified multidisciplinary approach.

CSSHE helps teachers not only discover new ways to enrich young minds, but also what educators can learn from their students.

Collaborative Learning

Education is a coordinated effort, taking input from experts in a variety of specialties - including the teacher. We blur the lines between individual job descriptions as a way to help tomorrow's educators address the needs of the whole student.

Innovative Classrooms

Through extensive research, our students are creating the next best practices instead of simply following trends. And with the advent of new technologies an developments in the field, we are helping teachers effectively interact with and adapt to today's ever-changing classroom.

Progressive Education

Teaching would be simple if it were a formulaic and identical process. But everyone's classroom is different. Instead of presenting teachers with answers, we focus on helping them formulate the right questions.

Through real-world experiences and collaboration across disciplines, our education students are prepared to revolutionize the way children learn.