Computer Science Major Requirements

Computer Science Major

  • Computer science majors need to take at least 9 credit hours of sciences. These courses must be taken in two sciences from the following: BIOL 160-161, BIOL 162-163, CHEM 160-161, CHEM 162-163, PHYS 170-161, PHYS 172-163, and PSYC 221-223.
  • Within mathematics, CS majors must take Math 170 (Calculus I), 225 (Foundations of Higher Math), 280 (Combinatorics), and either 156 (General Statistics), 240 (Linear Algebra), or 256 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics)
  • The major requires 36 hours of computer science courses, including those numbered 170, 180 (Computer Science I, II), 210 (Machine Org. & Assembly Lang.), 220 (Data Structures & Algorithms), 250 (Languages & Automata), 260 (Software Engineering), 300 (Programming Languages), 320 (Operating Systems), 340 (Networking), 390 (Senior Seminar & Project),and six hours of elective courses from those numbered CSCI 200 - 397.
  • Computer Science majors must maintain a 2.000 cumulative grade average in their computer science courses, and fulfill the senior comprehensive requirements.

Students may opt to incorporate a cooperative experience into their academic program. Cooperative Education in Computer Science (CSCI 395) integrates professional work experience with classroom training by providing students with advanced hands-on experience in a real software engineering environment under the direct supervision of a professional software developer.

Co-op students spend a semester or summer working full-time, for pay, at the employer. The student and employer may choose to continue the co-op in alternating semesters, or the co-op may be a one-time experience.The co-op may be used for up to nine hours of credit,six credits in the computer science program and three credits of general electives.

Computer Science Minor

  • The computer science minor requires 15 hours of computer science courses, including CSCI 170 (Computer Science I), 180 (Computer Science II), 220 (Data Structures & Algorithms), and two approved 3-hour courses selected from CSCI 210-397.
  • Students must maintain a 2.000 cumulative grade average in these courses.

Certificate in Applied Computation

This certificate program is designed for students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in a program other than computer science who wish to demonstrate proficiency in computational methods and problem solving. Students would take 10 hours of specific Compter Sciences courses.