About Inside-Out


The Xavier Department of Criminal Justice offers YOU the chance to spend time behind bars – and earn 3 hours credit while you do it. Inside-Out is open to all majors. 

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is unlike any class you have ever had. The semester-long course meets inside a prison located approximately 25 miles north of Xavier University. The class combines Xavier students with an equal number of incarcerated men at either Lebanon Correctional Institution or Warren Correctional Institution. Both Xavier and incarcerated students have the same syllabus and academic requirements. Since 2007, dozens of Xavier students - from all majors - have been transformed by the Inside-Out class.

The course focuses on current social justice topics like: why people commit crime; what prisons are for; punishment; rehabilitation; victims and victimization;restorative justice; myths & realities of prison life; and analysis of the American Justice system. All majors are encouraged to apply.

Inside-Out fulfills the diversity requirement and the social science requirement at Xavier. To be considered for the course, students are required to fill out an application and attend an interview. Class size is very limited, so if you have questions or want to be considered for this exciting class, email Instructor Christine Shimrock (christineshimrock@gmail.com) or Dr. Cheryl Jonson (jonsonc@xavier.edu).