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The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is a semester-long overview of current social justice topics taught inside a local prison. Curriculum includes an exploration of why people commit crime, the purpose of prisons, an analysis of the Criminal Justice system, punishment and rehabilitation, victims and victimization, and the myths and realities of prison life.

The class combines Xavier students (outside students) with an equal number of incarcerated students (inside students). The class is facilitated by two Xavier professors. Students meet separately on the first and last weeks of class in order to properly orient and debrief the experience. During the semester, inside and outside students will discuss issues, complete reading/writing assignments, and work together to complete a group project.

NOTE: This class will take place inside  Warren Correctional (Fall semester) Lebanon Correctional (Spring semester) in Lebanon, Ohio located approximately 25 miles north of Xavier University. You will be required to arrange your own transportation to/from the prison and class attendance/participation is mandatory. The security of all students is a priority and care is taken to ensure semi-anonymity (first names only) to prevent outside contact during or following the semester. Both inside and outside students take part in an interview/screening process before being accepted into the class.

This application is a required first step in our selecting 10 students to take part in the class for Spring 2016. To be considered for the course, any interested students (all majors are encouraged to apply) should complete the application by Monday, October 26.  Interviews will take place on Monday, November 2.




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