Quick Facts About Us

  • All of Xavier's payroll is processed in house.
  • We issued 3042 W-2 forms for 2014.
  • You can get your W-2 and old check stubs on the Employee Services tab of the portal.

New Payroll Option Offered

The Controller's office is announcing a new option for employees to receive paychecks. The new option, called the Payroll Card, will supplement Direct Deposit to offer convenience to employees while allowing the payroll department to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This new Payroll Card option is available now and has been tested for several payroll cycles. The roll-out effort is occurring in the fall semester.

The Payroll Card is a physical Visa-branded card that an employee electing the Payroll Card option will receive. Each payday the employee's pay will be deposited onto the card. The employee can use the card as a Visa card, withdraw cash without a fee from any bank accepting Visa-branded cards, or use online banking tools linked to the card. See the attached for more details on the Payroll Card program. Promotional materials and a revised election form that will be used to roll-out the program to campus are also attached.

With the addition of the Payroll Card program, employees will have 2 options to receive their pay: Direct Deposit or Payroll Card. There are no changes to the Direct Deposit program currently in place. New hires starting October 1, 2011 will only be given these 2 options.

All employees must elect direct deposit or the payroll card by November 30, 2011. Paper checks will not be issued for normal payroll after December 31, 2011.

If you have questions or comments, you may contact either Jeff or Suzanne.

Division of Financial Administration

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