What We've Done



"CBI has been a resource for education, professional development, and community building.
They are a catalyst for the King Studio project that will create economic development in a struggling central city neighborhood, revive Evanston's articist heritage and community pride and bring national exposure to Cincinnati's musical heritage. The unique partnership with the Community Building Institute has enhanced our relationship with other surrounding communities by providing resources and technical assistance."
-Anzora Adkins, Evanston Community Council President
"CBI is an invaluable partner in Price Hill Will’s community development efforts. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a dedicated staff committed to engaging citizens in order to make all of our neighborhoods better places to live, work and play."
-Ken Smith, Price Hill Will Executive Director

"My introduction to the art (or science) of community development began with my first CBI seminar some five years ago [2003]! CBI was pre-LISC for me ... Since then, I've attempted to utilize CBI's resources to continue to develop my craft! I find the peer-to-peer sessions to be fascinating, the staff to be kind and highly skilled, and the concept of a Community Building Institute to be of great need, particularly in urban communities like mine."
-Ozie Davis III MS, JD, LISC Program Officer


Past Projects