Current Projects

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Reviving the Living Legacy of Music in Evanston and Greater Cincinnati!

King Studios is a proposed new development that will revive the legacy of King Records, the eclectic recording studio that operated from 1943 to 1971 out of a warehouse in Cincinnati’s Evanston neighborhood. It will house three core components – a memorial space dedicated to King Records, a recording studio and a visual art studio– into a newly constructed, three-story facility. Learn more here.



The United Way of Greater Cincinnati recently launched the Place Matters Initiative, a place-based investment strategy to achieve breakthrough change in the Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods of Avondale, Covington and Price Hill. The United Way turned to the Community Building Institute to help facilitate the development and management of community investment plans in the three neighborhoods. Each investment plan requires the input and broad participation of neighborhood residents, associations and institutions. Learn more here.



Choice Neighborhoods is planning work in North Fairmount, South Fairmount, and English Woods, bringing together the entire community – residents, businesses, and stakeholders – to create a community action plan that reflects the community’s vision for the future in the areas of housing, neighborhoods, and people. The plan will build on the community’s assets and take advantage of opportunities to create a roadmap for achieving that shared community vision. The plan is supported by a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) received by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority. The Community Building Institute, Xavier University, is facilitating the plan for CMHA.