Asset-Based Planning

Asset-Based Community Development is based on innovative approaches to community building. CBI looks at asset-based community development from two perspectives: the theory behind the innovation (the Principle), and a detailed look at how we can help a community apply this approach to its community-building agenda (the Practice). We hope these two perspectives will inspire grassroots leaders, local institutions, government groups, businesses and funders to achieve greater success in community development.

A case study of how CBI uses asset-based community development is illustrated in our work with the Cincinnati neighborhood of Northside and its efforts to create a land-use plan that celebrates the community’s strengths and provides a long-range vision for its future. CBI director Liz Blume used fundamental principles of asset-based community planning to help the neighborhood take stock of itself. In the process, residents came up with priorities and a vision that everyone in their diverse neighborhood could share.

Read more about the Northside story or learn more about the theory of asset-based planning. We'd love to hear your feedback on it.

Asset-based community planning is one of the approaches central to the work of the Community Building Institute. For more information about asset-based community development go to "Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets" by John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight.