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The Community Building Institute helps communities organize their own redevelopment by tapping into the passion of their residents and identifying the physical assets of their neighborhoods.

The goal is to develop a coordinated plan of improvement that incorporates all the major elements a community needs to really thrive - housing, schools, health care, transportation, jobs and business.

The Community Building Institute presents itself as a partner for communities that are ready to grow into desirable and healthy places to live and work.








CBI wants to congratulate Bond Hill and Roselawn for the approval of your plan at Cincinnati City Planning Commission today!  To all the hundreds of people in Bond Hill and Roselawn who participated, to the Port Authority for supporting these communities, to Mercy Health the newest neighbor for their support and participation and a special shout out to Valerie and Andrew!!

Check out the Business Courier's coverage of the increasingly positive housing conditions in Evanston which includes an interview with our very own Liz Blume along with Evanston champion Anzora Adkins.



Thank you PNC for your continued support and commitment to engage young people and for making the community development work we’re so passionate about reach the broader community. PNC has supported the CBI Speaker Series and Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement Academy for many years, and we are truly grateful to partner with an organization that consistently supports community development efforts in the Cincinnati region.

Bond Hill & Roselawn – Neighborhoods of Focus
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Help Reduce Poverty
How can we as a community help to reduce poverty in Cincinnati and Hamilton County? CBI worked with the Hamilton County Community Action Agency (CAA) to understand the nature of poverty in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Using nearly 1400 CAA client surveys and feedback from dozens of service providers and community partners, Census data, and other locally available data, the report offers 9 steps the community can take to reverse the trend of increasing poverty. WCPO story