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The Community Building Institute helps communities organize their own redevelopment by tapping into the passion of their residents and identifying the physical assets of their neighborhoods.

The goal is to develop a coordinated plan of improvement that incorporates all the major elements a community needs to really thrive - housing, schools, health care, transportation, jobs and business.

The Community Building Institute presents itself as a partner for communities that are ready to grow into desirable and healthy places to live and work.






Housing Affordability in Hamilton County (22 page PDF)


WCPO - Wed April 5th, 2017
A recent study by the Community Building Institute at Xavier University estimated that for every 100 of the lowest income households in Hamilton County, there are only 28 units of housing that are affordable and available. 

That need is why the Greater Cincinnati Foundation has decided to focus millions of dollars in the coming years on investments to help create more affordable housing in the region.

'We see an opportunity'
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