Class of 2013 Commencement


Xavier University Class of 2013 - A Look Back

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xavieruniv: Graduate students processing out. Congratulations! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:38 PM

katiemitchel: #xugrad13 is trending!! congratulations muskies! can't wait to be a part of the family this fall :)

5/11/13 4:31 PM

Ubuntu_Ya_Bantu: Congrats all y'all XU grads!!! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:27 PM

glutenfreeninja: We did it! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:27 PM

BezuHalliwell: In the Nasty 'nati to watch my sister receive her MASTERS degree from Xavier! Congrats, Kyla! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:23 PM

HajiGrace: At #xugrad13 Event My Cuzn Just Receive Her Master's Degree!!!!!!!

5/11/13 4:22 PM

elizmcg: Congratulations @MeggieMcG!!! #xugrad13 #MasterOfEducation We are all so proud of you!

5/11/13 4:21 PM

Welsh_Ryan: Congrats to my sister, graduating from #xugrad13, Master of Education! #GetItGurl

5/11/13 4:17 PM

Care_oh_line_: Congrats to all of my buds who graduated today, you all will do great things! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:14 PM

sam_pauley: So proud of my sister! Love you! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:09 PM

suzannet5008: From my phone just watched my BFF @slojenfizz graduate with her Masters in Nursing! Yay!!! #xugrad13

5/11/13 4:00 PM

MeganDailer: The fact that I graduated from college 11 years ago today-laugh, cry? Drink? #xugrad13

5/11/13 3:59 PM

Notorious_MAX: We're gonna be here a while sooo why not have a #photoshoot #xugrad13 #monochromatic

5/11/13 3:57 PM

REinvention8: At #xugrad13 :-)

5/11/13 3:57 PM

meganberter: I think all of Cintas heard us scream for mom. #xugrad13

5/11/13 3:56 PM

marykniffin: RT @xavieruniv: Ready for the Graduate Commencement ceremony. 20 minutes to go. #xugrad13

5/11/13 3:50 PM