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Library & Information Management : Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Library & Information Management (LIM) is a department within the Division of Information Resources at Xavier University. The LIM staff at Xavier’s McDonald Library work collaboratively with the library staff of the Discovery Services Department to serve as an intellectual and cultural resource for the university community and external users. As such, LIM supports Xavier’s broader mission, advancing the Jesuit traditions of educational rigor, reflection, and service to others.

LIM’s primary responsibilities are to acquire, organize, preserve, store, and provide the best possible access to useful information found in digital and non-digital formats.

In an environment of rapidly changing information technology, LIM maintains an appreciation of both new and traditional materials. While always enhancing its traditional collection, LIM also acquires materials in new formats and provides links to networked resources beyond the library and the campus. In this way LIM establishes a vision for an integrated information management strategy for the university.

Vision Statement

To fulfill its role in supporting the goal of nurturing lifelong learning and facilitating information literacy, LIM will:

  • acquire and provide access to well-balanced, authoritative, and scholarly collections in direct support of the campus curricular and research needs.
  • respond to emerging technologies and changing needs of the campus community and its environment, while also enhancing its traditional library collection.
  • foster an environment supportive of the free inquiry and exploration that is central to the educational life of the campus and a democratic society.
  • connect to the campus and local communities to provide instruction, learning, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

To maintain its commitment to facilitating equitable access and use of the collection for all users, LIM will:

  • provide equal access to library resources for all users.
  • uphold the principles of intellectual and academic freedom.
  • comply with federal copyright regulations and educate users about intellectual property issues.
  • evaluate and employ innovative software and hardware to provide access to online information.
  • disseminate information about its collection through III and other electronic resources.
  • work toward a common search interface to local and remote online resources.
  • provide bibliographic access to materials held by the library through accepted cataloging techniques.

To fulfill its leadership role in the provision of information on campus and to the university community, LIM will:

  • work closely with other academic and administrative colleagues on issues of information delivery, access and literacy.
  • collaborate with other academic institutions, consortia, and national and regional library organizations .
  • foster cooperative ventures with information and service providers .
  • pursue alternative sources of funding and support.

To enable collection of information which best supports the curricular and research needs of the University and the scholarly community, LIM will:

  • work with faculty and others to identify and procure materials necessary for its collections.
  • select materials in the most suitable formats.
  • implement innovative information technologies.
  • commit library resources to invest in information stored and transmitted electronically.

To ensure the availability of materials for future users and uphold its role as a cultural repository, LIM will:

  • safeguard its unique and rare materials of importance to the scholarly community.
  • maintain appropriate environmental conditions to minimize deterioration of the collection.
  • preserve the library and archives collection through accepted preservation techniques.

To ensure the preservation and accessibility of the history of Xavier University and the work of its students and faculty, as well as its permanent records, LIM will:

  • collect , organize, and preserve the archives of the university.
  • make available the university archives for research and other initiatives.
  • develop knowledge management systems such as institutional repositories and digitized archival collections.
  • work to implement appropriate records management strategies to ensure proper disposition of records.

To ensure expert management of its resources and services, LIM will:

  • recruit and retain a highly qualified and diverse staff.
  • create an atmosphere that is conducive to the intellectual and professional growth of all staff.
  • support ongoing staff training and education.
  • supply the tools and equipment necessary for staff to be productive in their jobs.

Xavier University Library : 3800 Victory Parkway : Cincinnati, OH 45207-5211 : 513 745-3883