Frequently Asked Questions

How do Xavier students sign up?

At the beginning of every Fall semester, there is a Club Day on the Greenspace.  Students have the opportunity to look around at all the various clubs on campus. The Xavier Club Tennis table is located near the other club sports.  An officer will have a sign up sheet for all new and returning students.  With 1-2 weeks of Club Sports Day, there will be a Club Tennis meeting for all students who are interested in playing.

If I do want to play, what forms do I need to fill out?

There are three forms every club sport athlete must fill out: Assumption of Risk Waiver, Medical Health History Form, and the Physical Form.  You can find these on the Club Sports webpage under downloads:

When should I complete my physical?

You can take the Xavier physical form to your primary doctor in your hometown during the summer so that it is ready for the Fall semester.  This option is recommended.  There is also a Physical day at Xavier's McGrath Health and Wellness Center on campus in September.  Students must call and make an appointment.

How much are Club Tennis dues and what do they cover?

Dues usually range between $50-80 for new students and $35-65 for returning students for the whole school year.  Our rates are much less than other clubs.  They cover USTA registration fees, match fees, travel expenses (gas, food, lodging, etc.), uniforms (t-shirt and hoodie/sweatpants), and indoor facility expenses.

What are practices like?

Practices involve singles matches, doubles matches, and games.  Some like to play games and others prefer match play.  Club Tennis emphasizes fun and improvement.  Players help each other get better and sometimes even teach new tennis players how to play.  At the end, we like to gather and play a large group game.  This type of activity promotes team bonding.  Overall, Club Tennis likes to have fun and we encourage anyone and everyone who wants to learn to play tennis or continue playing tennis.